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What to Wear on a Chilly Summer Evening

It started last week. After continuous boiling days we got a fine change when temperatures dropped. Right now it’s a good 26°C (79°F) - my ideal summer. But at the beginning we were facing twenty-two degrees in the afternoon and with a chill breeze it seemed like we were already in autumn. I didn’t want to freeze when out and that’s when I put on my recent found on sales; an H&M sweatshirt. It’s not padded inside as I am used to which proved to be great for this look and weather.

Blazers are pieces that bring your look to the next level. Wear a light top underneath and a blazer (preferably in bright colours since it’s summer :)) with jean shorts and trainers. Or you can style a blazer with a dress (maxi or short). Both looks would be much more chic that the one I wore if you want to look dressier.

It would be better if I wore longer bottoms but it was manageable. It’s fine to wear only one warm piece; it was then at least. Obviously, check the temperatures and if it’s freezing outside, wear a jacket if you must (health comes first). I was glad to wear closed-toed shoes though. I can catch a cold easily if I don’t protect my feet in chilly days. My old Adidas trainers are still in good use and are the shoes I reach for most often lately.

I usually just throw a light jacket on in the evening and if I am somewhere near seaside I wrap myself in a beach scarf (usually made of chiffon). Unless I am by the lake or a river where mosquitos make camp, I tend to cover up only my arms.
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What is your favourite piece to wear in the evenings?  
xx Maja

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  1. Divna si! Uvijek imaš sjajne ideje, kao i fotke. :D ♥ž

  2. You look great:)

  3. Stunning! Beautiful sweater color!
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  4. you look really pretty! I love your outfit

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    1. Thanks! I'll check it out :)

  5. Predivno izgledaš. Sjajan outfit!♥


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