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Shopping brochures are constantly piling up and before old ones are thrown in the bins, new ones have already made a new pile. I keep seeing new makeup and beauty products and excellent deals and I always say how I’ll go and pick new things up but I never find time for it. So instead I am bringing you a few items I’ve collected in the past couple of months and for the next time I’ll try not to wait too long before picking up something I like.
Alverde Pure Teint make-up
This foundation has been around for as long as I can remember and I believe it is getting out of the range. I wanted to try out teint foundation ever since I saw L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de teint (which means a very long time). It was never an obsession otherwise I would’ve picked one up the moment I saw it. It was more a curiosity and decided to try it out (I bought it in a shade 10 Pure Porcelain). As you may know, the consistency is very liquid and without a pump on the bottle for an easier use. I apply it on the back of my hand and then apply it on my face with a stippling brush (much preferable). It glides on smoothly and application with a stippling brush doesn’t leave any brush marks. It gives a medium coverage and I need to use a concealer for a few red marks I have on my face. It lasts acceptably long but I’ve always applied a setting spray after using a foundation.
Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick
I’ve been given this duo to try out; brown one in a shade ‘Iced Mocha’ and the purple one in a shade ‘Plum Shock’. Both colours are very me- I love using very dark purple shades or mocha ones (Kylie Jenner style). Glossy look is better with Iced Mocha and I wore it previous weekend for the wedding. I had to re-apply it a few times, after eating or drinking. It’s a pleasant switch from matte ones and I don’t need to worry about patchy lips.
bebe More facial day crème
I’ve talked about this crème before and not only once. I will leave a link to the detailed post about it here and you can check it out if you’re curious.

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What to Wear | Transitioning seasons

Hi everyone! We faced a drop in temperatures this weekend when attending the wedding. Afternoon was ideal but the evening was chilly. The entire summer wasn’t too hot compared to previous years. I easily survived with no air conditioning and I hope the following years will be the same. The entire wedding day was lovely and everything was nicely presented. I liked the white and purple decorations; it was a very nice colour combination. I brought a blazer with me to keep me warm but I had to jump around when I sat still for too long. Which reminds me that I haven’t even told you that the wedding was held outside (hence all ‘the fuss’ about being cold). That’s also when the idea of writing a post on ‘what to wear when transitioning from summer to autumn’ came to me. Ribbed dresses are still everywhere and I want to incorporate them to chillier weather. Usually sneakers come to mind when thinking of similar style but I wanted boots to present the cold. Sneakers are great too and I included them in the second look. Crop tops and high-waist shorts or skirts are a great combo and I kept it together, only changing the length of bottoms. I added jackets to both looks which can also be worn as an accessory (tied around the waist) when the sun is too high in the sky. What would you include in styling for transitioning seasons?

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Open Back Top & Lace-up Flats

Do you remember me talking on Instagram how I like matching girly tops with casual jeans- it’s my favourite styling. These jeans are an ultimate piece I reach for when wanting to style a look in that direction. Ripped, washed out looking jeans kept the look careless, giving it a dressed down effect. Short sleeved top is from C&A and I love the open-back detail. There are buttons on the back and you can adjust how much skin you want to show. The pattern is a mystery to me; there are some flowers and leaves and another design I cannot recognize. Still, it is a very pretty looking summery top.

Lace-up shoes are the newest purchase from a boutique in BTC shopping mall. Originally, I wanted black ones but they didn’t have my size. Beige ones were the last in a size I was looking for so I choose them instead. I wasn’t deprived of anything- I think they’re even better looking. I will take them with me to the wedding- to change heels for flats when I won’t be able to stand no longer (but maybe I’ll be determined to survive in heels all day and night).

Now I am off for the weekend where an entire family has been gathering for the past week, preparing for the cousin’s wedding. I will try and snap a few photos on my camera (I replaced an SD card) and if I have time to spare, I’ll also do a Get ready with me video, including my sister as well.
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Have a nice weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday, 
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Flowy Summer Top

How much I wanted this kind of a top… I saw all the bloggers wear flowy and light tops on Instagram and it looked such a perfect summery piece. It’s another recent addition and now I am showing you all the pieces I bought on sales here on blog. You have already seen me wearing a yellow lace dress and this time I am jumping to an entire different style- carefree summer wear. I’ve got this top in C&A and it was the last one in my size (well actually, it’s a size S but I wanted it so much and saw that it actually fits just fine).

I love the embroidery on front of the top and tassels are even a better detail. Surprisingly, I thought piece would be sheer but it’s not (huge plus). I need to wear a nude or a white bra underneath nevertheless. As mentioned, this top is very light and seems as if you’re wearing nothing. Besides, flowy tops are saviours in summer- I hate wearing bodycon tops and on top of all- sweat (tmi perhaps? You know what I mean ;)). This one has already proven to be amazing and hangs at the beginning of my clothing rack, waiting for the next chance to wear it. 
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Do you have a particular summer piece that’s your saviour? Thanks for reading, 
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Wedding Guest | Summer Edition

I am not someone who is invited to weddings regularly or who has a chance to go to many weddings (no one is thinking of marriage, not yet at least). They happen occasionally and every one I’ve attended so far happened in summer time. I attend it when a close family member is getting married otherwise I will avoid it. You see, unlike many out there who love weddings, I feel opposite. But I am not here to talk about my reasons, I am here to say that I respect everyone’s choices and even if I don’t feel drawn to big gatherings, I will show my support and be a part of someone’s special day.

In two weeks’ time my cousin is getting married (last year his sister had a wedding if you remember this post where I talked about wedding traditions) to a lovely companion he’s been with for many years. They recently became parents to adorable baby son (who I am excited to see for the first time) and now want to bless their relationship. Unlike previous year I am hoping to catch a few precious moments on camera but we’ll see how busy I’ll be with preparations and help this time.

Previous post was about sale finds and I showed you yellow lace dress from Zara I’ve specifically picked up for this occasion. I’ve worn lace dress to the last wedding I attended and found out it suits me fine. With this dress I am planning to stick with more vivid colours such as this red bag from Orsay (also found on sales). As for the shoes I am not yet certain if I will be wearing the same ones you see on photos but I am planning to wear something similar.
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Thank you for reading and I wish you a great start of a new month. 
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