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What to Wear | Transitioning seasons

Hi everyone! We faced a drop in temperatures this weekend when attending the wedding. Afternoon was ideal but the evening was chilly. The entire summer wasn’t too hot compared to previous years. I easily survived with no air conditioning and I hope the following years will be the same. The entire wedding day was lovely and everything was nicely presented. I liked the white and purple decorations; it was a very nice colour combination. I brought a blazer with me to keep me warm but I had to jump around when I sat still for too long. Which reminds me that I haven’t even told you that the wedding was held outside (hence all ‘the fuss’ about being cold). That’s also when the idea of writing a post on ‘what to wear when transitioning from summer to autumn’ came to me. Ribbed dresses are still everywhere and I want to incorporate them to chillier weather. Usually sneakers come to mind when thinking of similar style but I wanted boots to present the cold. Sneakers are great too and I included them in the second look. Crop tops and high-waist shorts or skirts are a great combo and I kept it together, only changing the length of bottoms. I added jackets to both looks which can also be worn as an accessory (tied around the waist) when the sun is too high in the sky. What would you include in styling for transitioning seasons?

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  2. Ove cvjetne čizme sam neki dan vidjela na internetu i baš su mi se svidjele. Super odabir! :D

  3. Nisam osoba koja slijepo prati trendove i nosi sve što se te sezone nametne, ali neke od ovih stvarčica su mi se svidjele. :)

    Novi post na :)

  4. Odlični predlozi! xx
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