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Avon Life by Kenzo Takada Perfume Launch

Last Wednesday I joined twenty other bloggers from Slovenia to be a part of an event organized by Avon. Inside National Gallery's café Zvezda we were seated to hear more about two new Avon Life perfumes designed by famous Kenzo Takada. Although one was created for men and the other for women, they appear similar in scents, men's only stronger and muskier. Avon Life for Her is enriched with floral fragrances from water lily, iris and violet leaf while Avon Life for Him is a mix of black pepper, musk and cedar. (See full list of ingredients here)

If perfumes are too strong for you, there is also an option of acquiring body lotion or body spray in same scent, only lighter. All novelites are coming to Avon in October so you can keep in check with your local Avon for a more precise date. 

For me this was the first ever bloggers event and I couldn't keep my excitement down. However, I was very shy since here is the comfy room of my home and out there is the real deal and didn't know what to expect. I knew most of the bloggers and their blog names but couldn't connect their faces to their names... (I am bad with remembering names). In the end, I met two lovely girls and hopefully will have other opprotunites to meet them again and to meet the rest of the crew. Thanks again Avon for inviting me! 
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xx Maja

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  1. Luškan outfit in res škoda ker me ni bilo, da bi spoznala še eno blogerko več. :)

  2. Looks like a lovely perfume and great event dear! xox
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  3. Wonderful. You look gorgeous x


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