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Beauty Bits: Bell HYPOAllergenic & Hedera Vita

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing fine and that summer’s been good to you. While everyone’s been on vacation, I have been working and studying (hence the long absence) and will be affording special holidays in just a couple of weeks. I am planning on attending my first ever blogger event on 7th October and I can already promise to keep track and share it with you.

I am not used to writing several beauty posts sequentially but I am a photographer short and why not write a haul if I acquired a few new products. Hedera Vita was a name new to me when I passed by it in Hofer. There were three different range of soap bars: mixed skin type, for skin prone to acne and sensitive skin type. Obviously, I was thrilled that yet another brand makes products friendly to sensitive skin. I normally don’t use soap bars but I had to try this one. What’s even more unusual is the writing on the exterior, roughly translated: Soap bar made of goat’s milk. Odd, right? Using it now is no different than using it the first time. Its consistency is gentle on the skin and tiny beads in it massage your hands. Chamomile scent is stronger when you smell the bar but not on your hands. It’s surprising that no matter how many times a day I wash my hands it doesn’t tried them up. Other soaps can cause heavy skin peel-off and tightens it. This product isn’t hard on my face either which is more than amazing.

Bell HYPOAllergenic brand is new to me too but at least I have seen it around. Their nail polish collection is too beautiful to only observe and what’s best- they’re currently on sale in Tuš drogerija (local drugstore). Shades don’t have names, only numbers and pink one is 43, green/mint one is 44, jeans blue 45 and baby blue 46. At the moment I am wearing pink and baby blue and I tried to create different designs on each hand. I wasn’t very creative; I only taped washi tape on and applied a different colour. However, I learn from my mistakes. I used to use scotch tape but it always left marks while washi tape isn’t as strong on nail polish. The application is easy with their wide brush and two coats are best to wear. Bottles are very cute and nice for display. Which one do you think is the prettiest?
I will talk to you on Friday. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day,
xx Maja


  1. Res moram kupit kakšen lakec, ful so fletni :)

  2. Uaaau, soo cute :)


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