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Ljubljana Fashion Week | September 2016

I remember a post where I wrote you how unlucky I was to miss an opportunity to ask for LJFW tickets this Spring. After that moment I let this request hidden in my mind only to come out this August to remind me of the promise I made to myself. This Tuesday I was allowed to join in the shows as a blogger and I brought Leja as my plus one. Half an hour before the shows we showed up in Hotel Slon and seen an already gathered crowd inside and outside. For us it was weird standing and mingling amongst people and not know anyone. Surely, there's been a lot of fashion experts in the crowd but if anything, I hate forced approach. Back to topic, this entire event has been an exciting expectation. It was a lucky coincidence we came early because we didn't need to squeeze and push our way through to the seats. 

With only few minutes late, the first set of shows started off with amazing Maja Ferme whose collection was personally my favourite. For those who are at least a bit familiar with her work, she designs very sophisticated, elegant and glamurous collection every season that can compare to many high-end fashion designers. If in some paralel dimension was I ever to walk the Red Carpet, I'd wear her pieces. 

Sanija Reja Aske presented herself in LJFW several times and I was happy to finally see her designs walking the runway in person. Her collection was amongst my favourites and I admire how fun her pieces were. Patterns and colour combinations were on point. 

At nine o'clock in the evening, Young@Squat (a group of four young and talented designers whose one member actually attended the same high school at the same time as myself) reigned the runway with asymetrically and creatively designed clothing with many touches on the details. 

Nejc Šubic is a young designer whose collection included a lot of pastel colours and printed brids (Parus major to be specific) on men's clothing. I personally loved the entire collection. It seems very wearable and out-of-the-box. Who says men fashion can't be fun? 

Nataša Hrupič runway show was full of earthy tones. Outerwear caught my eye immediately because of its cut and flowy material. Petja Zorec created what seems most challenging collection. Her pieces seem to be designed for true fashionistas and those who don't fear to stand out. She also created an amazing atmosphere with her music choice that ended Ljubljana Fahion Week in a blast. 
^^ Nataša Hrupič
All photos from the runway: Jure Makovec Photography

You can find more details of designers, their collections and where to shop their pieces on clickable links. 

Happy weekend, 
xx Maja


  1. That's amazing! Awesome outfit! TFS!:)

  2. Looks like a great fashion week! Love your review dear! xox
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  3. Jako mi se dopada suknja koju nosiš, i iskombinovala si je na veoma šik način (super ide sa tom jaknicom) :)

  4. Love the skirt!! It looks so awesome!
    Check my blog out and tell me what you think :D

    A Maiazita

  5. Loved the fashion week pictures, all of them look awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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