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My First Kiko Milano Haul

I had a friend visiting from Italy and she has brought me little gifts which was a nice touch. I wasn't expecting anything and wasn't asking for anything but she managed to surprise me anyway. I don't remember ever passing a Kiko store while abroad but if I spotted one, I wouldn't just passed by it. Having heard and read many good reviews, I was thrilled to test it myself. 

First thing I picked up from the bag was this duo pencil. On one side it has an eyeshadow in gorgeous bronze shade even Cleopatra would be jealous of and on the other side it is a thin eyeliner in dark brown. Both pigmentation needs to be praised; the application too- it glides on easy and smooth. It is a thing with my eyelids but I can wear shimmer eyeshadows only on my lids, not in my crease or else they get lost and move around. Crazy, I know. This one is a limited edition and is in a shade: 02 Copper and chocolate. 

Next one is also limited edition and is called 3D Light & Glow highlighter. It is in a shade 02 Challenge Peach and comes in a stick with three different colours, combined of highlighter, blush and bronzer. It must be too much of a trio because all together act as a blush. I use a small brush to get only the highlighter out but since it's creamy, most of the product stays on the brush. 

Last one isn't limited edition; it is Smart lipstick in a red shade 926 Marsala. While I love matte lipsticks, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to wear creamy lipstick. I got used to dry lips that I forgot how great it feels to wear something nourishing. And the shade isn't too dark as it may look on photos, it accentuates natural lip colour, making it darker but daily wearable. 

Which products from Kiko have you tried before, loved it and would recommend it? 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

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  1. Beautiful products, I love Kiko. I'm your new GFC follower # 1718 ♥

  2. Ooo res lep odtenek šminke :) Drugače pa imajo tudi super lakce ;)

    1. Nisem probala, bom pa imela v mislih za naslednjič :)

  3. Kako lep odtenek sminke <3 Jaz imam lake za nohte in so res dbest ;)

  4. The lipstick looks gorgeous :)) x


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