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Stripe Shirt Dress

It’s the middle of September and up until yesterday the days made it look like August. Mornings are chilly but afternoons are summery. When I left for town, I wore a jacket over this stripe dress from H&M. It was soon time to throw it over my arm and carry it around town (the jacket I mean). You haven’t seen me wear many dresses on my blog and that is because I don’t feel comfortable in short dresses or skirts. This one, however, is ideal length for me. Anything that reaches knees or is longer is acceptable to me. I hate it when I need to constantly fix the dress if it’s too short because it looks like it’s trying to slip up on purpose, just to give me a hard time. What I also like in this dress is the airiness- its wide cut allows my body to breathe and in summer that is very important. Imagine having all the sweaty spots seen on your dress because your dress is like a second skin. Sorry for tmi but this is the main reason I try to avoid bodycon clothing in summer. What is your ideal dress?
xx Maja

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  1. Jako lepo i ležerno, sviđa mi se! :D

    1. Hvala! Zbog toga se i meni svidja :)

  2. love the dress on you! chic <3

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  3. I love this dress. Awesome outfit!


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