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How To Wear Stripes in Autumn

Bringing out stripes from our closet and incorporating it into daily wear presents only an upgrade from summer. They're always in and I am sure many of you own at least one item. I hope it's not hidden somewhere and forgotten but if that is the case, here are some ideas on how to style them. 

Look 1
Black and white
Main item is a plain long sleeve white shirt from Sammydress with evenly distributed black stripes. Horizontal lines do tend to give figure a broader look but for autumn season you're almost bound to wear a jacket of some sort over the top. I wanted to accentuate the lines and keep the jacket in the same colour scheme. This one is an old one from H&M but fits the look I was going for. It is too wide and shapeless and that is why I needed a belt (thin is best for my petite size)- I like how it gives an extra stripe to the shirt. 
Look 2
Stripe on stripe
Next example is my favourite classic look (and easy to pull off!). The only thing to keep in mind are the same type of stripes on every item you wear. Vertical stripes on a blouse and trousers; or horizontal lines on a dress and a coat. If you're worried you're going to look too wide in horizontal lines, try out narrow stripes that are frequently dispersed. 
Photos: Max Mara Spring 2016 // Tuula // Atlantic-Pacific // Olivia Palermo

Look 3
Bold stripes
There are different versions of stripes. You can try out bold colours, or unique prints incorporated between stripes. Mixing textures has never been more fun either- luxirious tweed jacket or silky shirt material are great to try out. The same goes for a knit dress, for example. 

What is your favourite way to wear stripes? 

Have a fabulous weekend, 
xx Maja

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Unifiant

First thoughts when I took Effaclar Duo Unifiant in my hands were a) all right, this is a BB cream and b) because La Roche-Posay made it, it must be a miracle for skin (pharmaceutical and dermatological champion and all that). Curiosity was only building on, the longer I prolonged testing it out. 

When I tested it out first, I was astonished that you don't need much product for application. And once it is on, it feels lightweight and indeed evens out your skin tone. It does not feel very creamy as I was expecting it to and it was rather matte after a while. As much as I loved having redness/blemishes minimized, this was after all a product for acne prone skin and mine is rarely that. 

After an entire day of use, I woke up the next day with a red patch between my eyebrows. It isn't something to worry about, especially if you have a good moisturizing skin care routine (see mine at the moment). If your skin is a mix between dry and oily type, try using a good moisturizer on areas that tend to dehydrate before using Effaclar Duo. 

Still, I would recommend this product only to acne prone/oily and mixed (normal or dry to oily) skin type. The product is drying and to use something more hydrating, I'd recommend La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB cream, made for sensitive skin. 
Are you familiar with La Roche-Posay products? 

Talk to you Friday, 
xx Maja

Fall Face Morning Care | DECLÉOR Paris

We all know by now how important it is to remove your makeup before going to bed and my makeup routine hasn't much changed and that is why I will jump in with the routine before applying makeup. 

1.) In the morning I like to wash my face with cold water. It helps me waking up and my dry skin is grateful for not being overburdened at the start. First on the itinerary is Aroma Cleanse 3 in 1 Hydra-radiance smoothing & cleansing mousse (with Neroli essential oil) for all skin types. I use it on still damp skin where is transformed into a mousse. Afterwards my skin feels radiant and cleansed. After a night's sleep I don't believe there are many factors responsible to use a proper cleansing in the morning. Quick refreshing is all my skin needs in the morning. I tend to concentrate more on hydrating it properly.

2.) I use three to four drops of Aromessence Néroli Hydrating oil serum on my already cleansed face before my moisturizer. Any oil takes time to absorb and I use it only on my T-zone area- that is where my skin is most sensitive. If I have time, I will wait for oil to absorb and then go over it with daily cream but sometimes I don't have time.

3.)+ 4.) I apply Hydra Floral 24hr Hydrating light cream on the rest of my face. Its light consistency is a good base for any makeup coming on next. If in any case I feel my skin needs more hydration, I will switch off from light cream to Amoressence Néroli Hydrating night balm which is very thick, gel-like cream. It is also quite oily and provides with many nutritiens (it's good that it is hundred per cent natural).

5.) To finish off my morning routine, I use Aurabsolu Itense glow for eyes dark circle corrector. Its also light consistency and orange pigments are created to fight off dark circles under your eyes. I couldn't say if there is any difference before and now but I use it mostly for the illuminating look I get afterwards.
If you're new into Decléor as I am, I would recommend Hydra Floral starter kit. As you can see, I use similar one too and I wasn't dissapointed. For the amount of product you get, the price is amazing (compare it to full size products I linked in today's post).

Do you use any of the products mentioned and what do you like most about it? 

Talk to you Wednesday, 
xx Maja

Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Last time I have showed you how I wear a wrap scarf and today it is a post on scarf again, only this time I have a blanket scarf to keep me warm. It is an H&M one and the store has usually a fine selection of big and thick blanket scarves. Mine was a gift and if I could choose it, I would almost one hundred per cent got one in grey or black tones. That is why it is important to have someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you (gifts you with unusual pieces) to open up your creativity in styling. 
Look 1 
Print itself is quite eye-catching and I have to say it took me a few moments to come up with the idea of how to wear it. I didn't want too much colour in the rest of the outfit as the scarf shows them (almost) all. It is very autumnal and I like the vibe of it. This scarf has fringe details at the edge just as the wrap scarf in my previous fashion post. I was unsure to incorporate different colours than those that are already in the scarf but I went ahead and included burgundy jumper and a handbag in the same colour. The vibe was kept appropriate for the season and I was glad of the end result. Grey jeans and black boots kept the rest of the outfit neutral as a lot was already going on in upper part of the look. 

Layering here wasn't difficult when it comes to material. I kept the material of the scarf and jumper similar and therefore the look didn't seem too much or too bulky on me (even though I wouldn't mind looking like a bear if it was cold outside which frankly was at a time). For the first look I also needed a belt to ouline my waist and a simple, thin one was perfect for the role. 
Look 2 
Another casual look with the scarf I pulled off in the next look where I used it for what it really is- a scarf. I folded it in half lengthwise and in half widthwise to get the length of a regular scarf. Then I put it around my neck where I pushed one end through the loop created on the other end. Just as in the previous look, I wanted the scarf to be the centre of attention. I wore black sweater with simple blue jeans and the same burgundy handbag. I kept the shoes somewhat in the same lines as the scarf. 
Striped Scarf (zara) // Tricolour Check Scarf (mango) // Multi Stripe Scarf (asos) // Check Scarf (mango)

How would you style a blanket scarf? Where do you usually purchase them? 
I have added a few links to several fun blanket scarves (see links above). 

Talk to you Monday, 
xx Maja

Le Couvent des Minimes vs. Crystal Deodorant

It was last month when I decided to purchase Natural Protection Crystal body deodorant stick after a couple of months of persuasion from my friend. She kept telling us (another friend beside me) how she found the best deodorant in the world (she loves dramatizing a little) and she will never turn to any other. At a time I was using one that was doing nothing really but I still had small amount to use before emptying it. 

Natural Protection Crystal body deodorant stick
When I reached the bottom of an old deodorant, I needed a trip to the drugstore and I had in mind this purple bottled deo stick. I found it in travel size section for 3,49 €. First time I opened the stick I knew at once it was something I wasn't used to. The stick inside is like a crystal and to use it, it needs to be moisten. Which is basically everything you need to know. It does not contain aluminium chlorohydrate- that is first ingredient I check in deodorants. If it's in it, I don't buy it. It is also fragrance and paraben free. 

How it works? Mineral salts prevents spreading of the bacteria that leaves unpleasant smell. It is supposed to have an unlimited expiration date and so far the remainder of the product is still large. I always apply the deodorant after showering and it lasts all the way to the next shower session. I can sweat as much as I like (I don't like it, just so you know), do a workout, run to catch a bus and you won't notice it (unless your muscles are sore). I've been surprisingly very satisfied with it and haven't tested anything like it. Or have I? Read on...

Everyday deodorant with Alum Stone
At a blogger event that was happening two weeks ago I got a goodie bag from Le Couvent des Minimes and one of the products inside was this Eau des Minimes deodorant. It is a roll-on deodorant and is a type of deodorant I like to use (and is easy to use too). This one contains natural alum stone and purifying essential oils. It is said not to have alcohol, parabens and aluminium chlorohydrate. 

It has a citrusy scent but nothing too overwheming and you can't smell it through your clothes. And later on, it completely dissapears. As its predecessor, it can allow you to do an excessive work without worrying you will scare people around you off (our everlasting concern, isn't it?). 

I've tried both products and I honestly cannot choose between them but if you don't like any scent in deodorants (particularly if you hate citrusy scent), then the first one might be for you. The notion I'd like to point out is that there are several articles about aluminium and crystals in deodorants. Some say that natural crystals/alum contain aluminium but aren't sure how much aluminium is absorbed and if it presents any risks. I want to point out that I am not an expert and if you care about your body and what you put in it (even through your pores), then I suggest you always do enough background check. 

According to Paula's Choice Skincare website I got about sixty to seventy per cent ingredients in Eau des Minimes deodorant classified as 'good' or 'best'. How much you like your products to be safe, is of course, up to you. Not to mention, the percentage depends on how much of each ingredient was actually used in the product (the percentage I assessed was according to the number of ingredients). 

When it comes to potassium alum, it is said that the difference from aluminium chlorohydrate is in its size. Alum comes in a larger molecule, not meant to be absorbed through skin. If you'd like to be completely free of aluminium, then natural ingredient products can be found. See more here in this article
What are your experiences with deodorants? Do you prefer roll-on or spray and why? 

Have a nice day, 
xx Maja

Two Sided Wrap Scarf

Interesting autumn is, isn't it? I find fashion best in this season. Dark shades come out of our wardrobes, thicker jumpers are the first thing we reach for and we can layer and layer and still make an outfit work. I personally love dark colours and maybe it's because I can style it easier (I also feel most comfortable in it and I think/hope it suits me all right). 

I was rocking an almost all-black look and as much as I love black clothing, I rarely wear only black. I like to show some life in it, even if it is only a small portion of yellow (or red or blue, any colour really). Two sided wrap scarf was lying and gathering dust (meaning, it hasn't been picked up since the dark ages- cold winter, that is) and it only needed one walk outside to show its true beauty. I am fond of its thickness (it is as a blanket wrapped around me!) and two sided look. Both ways are easy to style, particularly with black. Blue side is great for those days when I don't feel like attracting attention and red is just the opposite. Do I actually dress the same as I feel? Most of the times, yes. We have so many clothes in our closets that there are several items which go in the same category. We all have a few pullovers, jeans, shirts and so on. The thing is that if I have, let's say, a job interview, I'd wear my most comfortable shirt (but as chic as it goes, depeding on the job I am applying to). An interview for a fashion magazine allows you to be more creative; and personally, it makes me want to try to dress up. 

I got a little sidetracked but the point is, I felt wearing more red that day than blue and yet, I wanted to show you both options. Plaid print is not too in the way of styling the wrap scarf, it only makes it more interesting. Talking of interesting, I am fond of tiny detail at the bottom- fringe with both given colours. It does not take much of an attention but adds a nice touch to the item. 

What do you like to wear in autumn and are you fond of wrap scarves? 

As always, thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

Beautiful Bloggers Meetup 2016

6.30 Is the time my alarm goes off. My sister Leja and I actually waited for this event since last year. We missed the notice and ticket sale previous year and I went to Erasmus exchange program anyway and wasn't able to attend. This August we faithfully followed Facebook page on which they announced this year's ticket sale for an event. It is the biggest event for bloggers of the year everyone longingly awaits. And last Friday was that day. 

7.19 Ten minutes of cold air from the walk to the train station woke us up which we needed since we got only four hours of sleep last night (you could say excitement got us through). 

8.05 Another ten minutes of walking took us to get to the Hotel Lev which is where the event held place. The minute we walked in we saw big crowd already in the lobby. We saw plenty of bloggers hanging out together which obviously meant they knew each other from other events (this one was only the second my sister and I attended). 
8.15 Everyone is being invited to the hall but first everyone needs to found themselves a name tag so others know your name (great idea for socializing, especially if you're like me and know only people's blog names). 

8.20 Before seminar starts, we have time for socializing, taking photos of the place (it was beautifully decorated with some of the beauty products and fairy string lights from Smile Concept Store). Screens were situated in front and on each side of the hall so those in the middle can see slides too. Breakfast, coffee and tea was also provided to us and I grabbed myself a muesli with blueberry yoghurt. 
9.00 The hall started to echo with quiet murmurs from bloggers as we prepared to take notes from our first lecturer, Aleš Bravničar who is a photographer with plenty of experience in this area as well as other (shootings not related to beauty, that is). His slides were full of key points as well as great photo examples. He accentuated that it is important to be different from the others and be critical to your work, always seeking and reaching new ways and goals. 
9.50 Our schedule was filled with practical studies and theory and the next ones was very important topic to listen to: How to take care of your page's SEO? by Lena Gregorčič. I've been gathering information on SEO for some time now and I always read something new out. But the main point remains: focus on key words. Incorporate them in your title, content and tags and have them as little as possible, preferably only one. And instead of trying to title your post as 'How I do my makeup', try using something more focused, such as 'How I do my makeup for a wedding'. This way your post will have less competition on Google and won't get lost in piles of information. 

10.50 Next one didn't require too much of our attention but got it (fully) anyway. We listened to Branislava from Brana's Divine World who talked about her start in blogging and how she managed to transform it into a full-time job. Cheers! 
12.00 All the long listening and taking notes exhausts you easily and it was finally time for a break and lunch. We headed to the next hall where we found beauty stands of various beauty brands and looked at the new ranges, asked questions and tried some of the displayed products. There were so many who presented themselves; Dvorec Trebnik, Avon, Melvita, Medex, Afrodita, Trend It Up (dm drugstore), Caudalie, Vichy, Cd, s.Oliver and many more. 
13.30 Was the time I was waiting for. Facebook marketing presented by Mojca Marš held so many useful information which of some I heard first. She knew so much about this topic and was glad to share it with us as well as answer curious questions. 

14.20 Sanja Macur was next one in line to say something about increasing your pageviews. She is responsible to do this for Cosmopolitan Slovenija and manages to work amazingly. She pointed out to try and keep up with trends and to post them as soon as possible (or it will become old news). She also mentioned that some of the seasonal topics (such as Halloween makeup, costumes etc.) can bring additional readers to your site and increase your monthly pageviews by a good percentage. 
16.00 This year's event main sponsor was Dvorec Trebnik and we got to hear more about the company from one of their scientific and development researcher. 

16.45 At this hour I admit I was getting a little drowsy (due to lack of sleep as well as too many seminars in one day) but managed to keep up with Round table: Successful instagramers. I was happy to see Tesa Jurjaševič as I follow her blog for some time now (and her instagram account, what a stalker). 
17.40 Last seminar to listen to was when we concentrated on a talk about Autumn/Winter 2016 makeup trends by Kristina Vidic. We even got to observe how she did a nice autumnal lip look on the model. 
18.30 After a short break we were seated again to see the award ceremony which is basically a ceremony where all bloggers beforehand voted for a selected brand in each category. Dvorec Trebnik, licila.si, Afrodita, Avon all got the awards for which I voted myself too. I believe there was only one brand I never tested before. 
19.00-21.00 To finish off our eventful day, we went to the next hall (again) and saw more brands who didn't manage to represent themselves before (L'Occitane, L'Oreal, e-kozmetika.si and others). Again, it was taken care of snacks for which I was very grateful for at the time (I was so hungry!) and some cocktails too, not to mention the cake for which I heard later it was made by a blogger (all the compliments, it was so good!). However, we didn't stayed too long and left at 8 p.m. At the door we were given more goodie bags but didn't know of it because we got a shopping bag trolley and thought was empty and ready to fit our first goodie bags in (don't ask). 
We loved every single second of it and cannot wait for the next year's event! Thank you to everyone who we met (I hope next time I will conquer my shyness and I hope to see more bloggers open to new friendships), to sponsors of course and dear Nika who organized an amazing event :) 

Thanks for reading, 
xx Maja