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Fall Face Morning Care | DECLÉOR Paris

We all know by now how important it is to remove your makeup before going to bed and my makeup routine hasn't much changed and that is why I will jump in with the routine before applying makeup. 

1.) In the morning I like to wash my face with cold water. It helps me waking up and my dry skin is grateful for not being overburdened at the start. First on the itinerary is Aroma Cleanse 3 in 1 Hydra-radiance smoothing & cleansing mousse (with Neroli essential oil) for all skin types. I use it on still damp skin where is transformed into a mousse. Afterwards my skin feels radiant and cleansed. After a night's sleep I don't believe there are many factors responsible to use a proper cleansing in the morning. Quick refreshing is all my skin needs in the morning. I tend to concentrate more on hydrating it properly.

2.) I use three to four drops of Aromessence Néroli Hydrating oil serum on my already cleansed face before my moisturizer. Any oil takes time to absorb and I use it only on my T-zone area- that is where my skin is most sensitive. If I have time, I will wait for oil to absorb and then go over it with daily cream but sometimes I don't have time.

3.)+ 4.) I apply Hydra Floral 24hr Hydrating light cream on the rest of my face. Its light consistency is a good base for any makeup coming on next. If in any case I feel my skin needs more hydration, I will switch off from light cream to Amoressence Néroli Hydrating night balm which is very thick, gel-like cream. It is also quite oily and provides with many nutritiens (it's good that it is hundred per cent natural).

5.) To finish off my morning routine, I use Aurabsolu Itense glow for eyes dark circle corrector. Its also light consistency and orange pigments are created to fight off dark circles under your eyes. I couldn't say if there is any difference before and now but I use it mostly for the illuminating look I get afterwards.
If you're new into Decléor as I am, I would recommend Hydra Floral starter kit. As you can see, I use similar one too and I wasn't dissapointed. For the amount of product you get, the price is amazing (compare it to full size products I linked in today's post).

Do you use any of the products mentioned and what do you like most about it? 

Talk to you Wednesday, 
xx Maja


  1. Decleor is an amazing brand!

  2. Jaz se morem preizkusit, se zelo veselim. Res skoda ker so tako mini embalaze :(

    1. Točno to sem tudi jaz rekla! :) Vsi mini mi odgovarjajo in počasi se že bližam koncu nekaterih izdelkov :(


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