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How To Wear Stripes in Autumn

Bringing out stripes from our closet and incorporating it into daily wear presents only an upgrade from summer. They're always in and I am sure many of you own at least one item. I hope it's not hidden somewhere and forgotten but if that is the case, here are some ideas on how to style them. 

Look 1
Black and white
Main item is a plain long sleeve white shirt from Sammydress with evenly distributed black stripes. Horizontal lines do tend to give figure a broader look but for autumn season you're almost bound to wear a jacket of some sort over the top. I wanted to accentuate the lines and keep the jacket in the same colour scheme. This one is an old one from H&M but fits the look I was going for. It is too wide and shapeless and that is why I needed a belt (thin is best for my petite size)- I like how it gives an extra stripe to the shirt. 
Look 2
Stripe on stripe
Next example is my favourite classic look (and easy to pull off!). The only thing to keep in mind are the same type of stripes on every item you wear. Vertical stripes on a blouse and trousers; or horizontal lines on a dress and a coat. If you're worried you're going to look too wide in horizontal lines, try out narrow stripes that are frequently dispersed. 
Photos: Max Mara Spring 2016 // Tuula // Atlantic-Pacific // Olivia Palermo

Look 3
Bold stripes
There are different versions of stripes. You can try out bold colours, or unique prints incorporated between stripes. Mixing textures has never been more fun either- luxirious tweed jacket or silky shirt material are great to try out. The same goes for a knit dress, for example. 

What is your favourite way to wear stripes? 

Have a fabulous weekend, 
xx Maja


  1. Stripes are always a great idea. Love the combo!

    1. I totally agree with you! :)

  2. Super styling! Ful si kjuti!
    Črte so zakon! Enostavno jih skombiniraš pa še timeless so!

    1. Se mi zdi, da bojo črte vedno v modi :)


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