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Le Couvent des Minimes vs. Crystal Deodorant

It was last month when I decided to purchase Natural Protection Crystal body deodorant stick after a couple of months of persuasion from my friend. She kept telling us (another friend beside me) how she found the best deodorant in the world (she loves dramatizing a little) and she will never turn to any other. At a time I was using one that was doing nothing really but I still had small amount to use before emptying it. 

Natural Protection Crystal body deodorant stick
When I reached the bottom of an old deodorant, I needed a trip to the drugstore and I had in mind this purple bottled deo stick. I found it in travel size section for 3,49 €. First time I opened the stick I knew at once it was something I wasn't used to. The stick inside is like a crystal and to use it, it needs to be moisten. Which is basically everything you need to know. It does not contain aluminium chlorohydrate- that is first ingredient I check in deodorants. If it's in it, I don't buy it. It is also fragrance and paraben free. 

How it works? Mineral salts prevents spreading of the bacteria that leaves unpleasant smell. It is supposed to have an unlimited expiration date and so far the remainder of the product is still large. I always apply the deodorant after showering and it lasts all the way to the next shower session. I can sweat as much as I like (I don't like it, just so you know), do a workout, run to catch a bus and you won't notice it (unless your muscles are sore). I've been surprisingly very satisfied with it and haven't tested anything like it. Or have I? Read on...

Everyday deodorant with Alum Stone
At a blogger event that was happening two weeks ago I got a goodie bag from Le Couvent des Minimes and one of the products inside was this Eau des Minimes deodorant. It is a roll-on deodorant and is a type of deodorant I like to use (and is easy to use too). This one contains natural alum stone and purifying essential oils. It is said not to have alcohol, parabens and aluminium chlorohydrate. 

It has a citrusy scent but nothing too overwheming and you can't smell it through your clothes. And later on, it completely dissapears. As its predecessor, it can allow you to do an excessive work without worrying you will scare people around you off (our everlasting concern, isn't it?). 

I've tried both products and I honestly cannot choose between them but if you don't like any scent in deodorants (particularly if you hate citrusy scent), then the first one might be for you. The notion I'd like to point out is that there are several articles about aluminium and crystals in deodorants. Some say that natural crystals/alum contain aluminium but aren't sure how much aluminium is absorbed and if it presents any risks. I want to point out that I am not an expert and if you care about your body and what you put in it (even through your pores), then I suggest you always do enough background check. 

According to Paula's Choice Skincare website I got about sixty to seventy per cent ingredients in Eau des Minimes deodorant classified as 'good' or 'best'. How much you like your products to be safe, is of course, up to you. Not to mention, the percentage depends on how much of each ingredient was actually used in the product (the percentage I assessed was according to the number of ingredients). 

When it comes to potassium alum, it is said that the difference from aluminium chlorohydrate is in its size. Alum comes in a larger molecule, not meant to be absorbed through skin. If you'd like to be completely free of aluminium, then natural ingredient products can be found. See more here in this article
What are your experiences with deodorants? Do you prefer roll-on or spray and why? 

Have a nice day, 
xx Maja


  1. Super objava in primerjava! LCDM je eden mojih najljubših deodorantov in prav vesela sem, da ste ga imele udeleženke BBMU moč preskusiti.

    1. Enako! Prvič sem ga imela priložnost sprobati in je eden redkih, ki učinkuje na moji koži :)


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