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10 Affordable Christmas Gifts for Him and Her Guide

I admit, I watched a few videos on Christmas gift ideas already. It is addicting and it is better to be prepared, right? Gift-giving is a part of the holidays. In my family we love to receive gifts but expensive gifts never made such importance. Small tokens are what counts more and we (myself included) better include a few but small/inexpensive items as a gift than an expensive, let's say tech product. Greater gifts are reserved for birthdays and other occasions (graduation, getting a driver's licence etc.). 

You can never go wrong with gift sets of body products, makeup, clothing or even books and food (chocolates and other sweet goodies). You only need to know a bit about the person you shop for. If she loves floral scents, then s.Oliver for Her (it is more gentle) or Avon Life for Her (much stronger) would be great for her. The same goes for a man you are shopping for- does he prefer very musky essence? If he loves spicy and elegant masculine scents but nothing too overpowering, this Eau de Toilette from s.Oliver for Him would be perfect. The prices differ from 21 € for Eau de Toilette (30 ml) to 31 € for EDT 50 ml. 
Newest find in a category of bath products is CD brand. Everything from their range is fruit based- their Orange blossom edition is absolutely breath-taking but my personal favourite is pomegranate. You can find various products such as shower gels, deodorants, body sprays, body cream, hand cream, body lotions and face products. You can also find other ranges and scents: waterlily and lemon. All their products are vegan and retail from 1,55 € to 2,95 € in dm and Müller drugstores.  
Also new on the market are the oval brushes. These from Makeup Revolution retail at around 30 € at (for Slovenian readers) and at (for international readers). Of course you can get an entire set for 63 € (they have a 26 % off at the moment) which is a good deal compared to some other makeup brands. I have tried the face brushes and I must say they have changed my makeup routine. It takes me only a minute or two to apply foundation which gives me more time in the morning to get ready and focus on other things. This is definitely my favourite of the year. 

Accessories are amongst favourite items for gifting at Christmas. Scarves, gloves and hats are all good choices. I am one of those who think men wearing (the right kind) bags can be very fashionable. Many still avert from wearing an everyday bag and if you think that kind of a bag wouldn't suit the person you're buying a gift for, then weekend bags are another choice. It is definitely needed, especially when love travelling. I have chosen these two, one from Fred Perry simply because their designs are amazing and this one is even in my brother's collection (I helped choose it of course 😉). The other is by John Lewis and is a classic and vintage-looking weekend bag. Neither is made of real leather. 
For a woman, this bag from Zara is very much alike the classic Chanel bag and apart from being much affordable and equally pretty, it isn't made of real leather unlike most of the designer bags. 

Every year there is a fine selection of slippers that are cozy and soft. I wouldn't mind getting a new pair every time to keep me warm. H&M has soft slippers in pink where the inside has a faux fur lining (extra warm! 👌). Felt slippers also from H&M are a version for men that also have a faux fur lining inside. They look super comfortable and great too! 

Next is a small but at certain times can be a very luxurious product, a candle. I would chose one that is scented in a way that can bring a peaceful and relaxing moment when required. Wintery scents are very calming and so is vanilla, an all-year-round popular scent. Much (much) milder essence of men perfumes can be found in candles. It can be anything from spicy or woody to herbal scented. A selection of such can be found at Diptyque Paris (a mini-sized version one can be found for 25 € and large ones for 46 €).
I hope you got an inspiration from this gift selection and if you have any other gift ideas, please share them in the comment section 😊

Have a lovely day, 
xx Maja


  1. I like beauty products as a gift, it is such a simple choice. Also perfumes and maybe (but this is not affordable) vacation tickets. Btw, love your selection xoxo

    1. I agree, beauty products are a great choice :) And a vacation is a luxurious present but a very much ideal one :) xx

  2. Thanks for all the ideas!

  3. Very good inspirations! :)


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