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8 Fall/Winter Lipsticks To Wear

In one of my recent posts, I told you I like wearing darks in colder seasons whether it is in my outfit or makeup. And since I keep showing you outfit looks, I decided to dig into makeup and scrap out prettiest and best lipsticks for Autumn/Winter season. 

I think reds are classic colour for any season. But to tell you honestly, I reach out for red more often in fall and winter than in any other time of the year. I have picked up two shades, one is my recent aquirement from Trend It Up (the new makeup range in dm drugstores, very affordable, good quality and most important- cruelty-free). It is called 080 and is in fact a liquid matte lipstick. It takes some time to dry up and even after that it never completely dries up. Personally, I like it so as my lips feel extra dehydrated in this time. Second one is from Rimmel Kate Moss in 01 (numbers again) and has been in the collection for some time now. It is also matte and longlasting. It won't dry your lips much but it won't moisturize them either. Both are great products and often in use. 

This is probably the most popular colour scheme in the collection when it comes to dark lips. Plum Shock from Avon is a shine gloss stick which you can see in photos. It is indeed very glossy but is not longlasting. I have a habit of pressing my lips together all the time and that way I loose the lipstick quickly. But when I manage to keep myself away from this, I feel moisturizing effect set in. I do need to reapply it after a while and that is why I have to have it in my bag when wearing it. Freedom Professional London is a new brand to me but I have to say I am impressed by it. I have included two lipsticks from Freedom makeup brand in this post. Dusk Till Dawn is a purple shade, lighter than the others but very pretty to wear. Pigmentation is in order and I admit I didn't expect it so when trying it out. Quelle Surprise from MAC is also an oldie. It isn't matte and can endure long time wear (perfect combination, right?). It is certainly one of the best out there for the season (or any other, if you feel like it). To wrap this section off, NYX soft matte lip cream in Transylvania has been raved about on this blog a few times already. To achieve a deep purple look, I always apply two layers and apart from that, I have no objections on this product. It is my favourite. 

I admit, I didn't know where to place Misslyn lipstick in 119- under purples or browns- but decided to leave it here. Its texture is slightly heavier than the rest and it isn't matte either. It is very pigmented however and rarely needs a reapplication. Definitely worth trying out. Last pick in this article is another one from Freedom, called Now 120 True Power (if that is a reference to anything, let me know because I have no idea what is that supposed to mean). This one is the same as its sister, same texture, same qualities. If you don't like wearing bold lipsticks, this one is perfect as it is more natural looking. 
But before you start applying lipstick, click to see my lip care in winter ;)

What are your favourite lipsticks for the season? I'd like to know.

Until next time, 
xx Maja


  1. So many beautiful lip colors, I love all of them! You have a great blog, would you like to follow each other?

  2. NYXov mi je favorit i ovoga puta! Odlican izbor. ♥

  3. I will take them all, love lipsticks x


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