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A Christmas Day Look

Instead of going directly for bright and obvious Christmas colours, I wanted to include them in details while I kept my style the same. First things first, a cozy white jumper is cropped which is suited for my petite figure. I didn't want anything too long so my legs won't get lost.😁 

Trousers were an elegant mix of neutral tones, including something beige-like to match the coat. Nothing is better at elegance than a fine sewn, wool coat. Mine is from Primark and I haven't worn it as much as I expected it to but I am hoping to do so this winter. I put a checked scarf around me and it looked better to wear it loosely- more as a 'I am here only as an accessory rather than having a function to keep someone warm' hehe. It will get colder in a month and in that case I would most certainly wear it around me.😏 

To finish this look off, I put the hightlight of the outfit in an actual full-red coloured item- a shoulder bag. I love the size of it- it holds all the necessities I usually need. 
I will talk to you on Friday. Until then, 
xx Maja


  1. You look wonderful in this set;)

  2. Beautiful look!


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xx Maja