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Beauty Bits: L'Occitane Arlésienne

Last week came out the newest beauty edition from L'Occitane, called Arlésienne. L'Occitane manages to impress every time and this re-novelty is nothing different. If you remember me writing an old post on Arlésienne velvet hand cream, you'll also remember they already had this range in their sale. This time I have more products to test out and I am happy be able to get my hands on these: 

Arlésienne Delicious Gloss
At first I thought this was a lip balm and after applying it for the first time it took me a few seconds to realize it wasn't. Delicious Gloss itself isn't sticky as some glosses can be. It is light on lips (unless you apply five layers of it) and doesn't dry lips out. Its appearance is slightly rosy-shimmery and nourishing; and to tell you the truth- it tastes sweet too. 

Velvet Hand Cream
As said, I have already written a review on this hand cream before and my opinion hasn't changed much. The only evident distinction in the new edition of Arlésienne hand cream is the scent and texture. I still have my previous one and I use it regularly. The new one doesn't have overpowering scent which I am very happy about it. Its texture is lighter, it absorbs quickly on my hands and honestly, I prefer the new one. However, I feel I get better moisturizing with the old version. 

Eau de Toilette Arlésienne
Even though it is an eau de toilette, the scent is nor strong nor mild. It isn't musky-like either. It is floral and powdery, very feminine. I would wear it during a day out because it is quite light to wear. Every Arlésienne product smells similar or the same and you can always test some other product before deciding for this one. The bottle contains 75 ml and is very simple with a flowery print at the bottom. 

Collection's main notes: rose, violet and saffron. 
Have you tested out the old-new collection yet? 
p.s. how cute is the usb key I also got? 
xx Maja


  1. These products look amazing. Love the packaging!

    1. I love the packaging too :)


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