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Christmas Makeup Look | Avon

Is it too soon to talk about Christmas looks? Because in the next few posts I have prepared a few ideas that go along the same theme. I mean, I have to write about it and test it soon enough for you to see and decide whether to use some of the suggestions given to you (or recommend me some ;)). For today I did a simple and classic makeup and nail look, using mostly Avon products. 

Two of the nail varnishes couldn't have been more suited for the holidays. Red and sparkly silver screams Christmas! I couldn't decide if I wanted to use one or the other seperately and in the end I applied the silver only on my ring finger to give the look a pop. Silver shade is called Starry Sky while on the rest of my nails I used Red Bombshell from Perfect Reds collection. What is amazing and has been my ultimate favourite ever since I got it, is also a product from Avon- Quick dry nail spray. After I paint my nails, I use one spray of the product on each nail. Then I wait a few seconds and voila! My nails are dry! It has been a 'life saver' in the time-department. I don't need to wait excruciatingly long minutes anymore which is satisfying. 

When it comes to the entire look, I kept it simple. I applied a full-face foundation and I used a black liner close to my lash line that I then smudged to achieve a soft look. I used two extra natural (one grey, other brown) eyeshadows on my crease and eyelids from Beauty Bay eyeshadow palette. The highlight here is a classic red lipstick, called Berry Berry Nice and this one too is from the Perfect Reds edition. I first applied Essence lip liner to help lipstick stay in place. Its duration is acceptable but I'd recommend to keep the lipstick somewhere close for a reapplication. It has a bit of a shimmer but it is visible only from up close. It dries up after some time and appears more matte but otherwise gives more of a glossier look. It has a pink undertone and if you prefer only all-pink shades, you can opt for 'Extreme Mauve' Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick (same brand). Its shade can be seen in one of the photos. 
Write to you soon, 
xx Maja


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