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Hand Care in Winter

It may be too soon to say but my hands have been soft so far! I know every time we launch ourselves into the winter I face red, irritated and scratchy skin (mostly around my knuckles). I have a habit of not wearing gloves and that leaves a tool on my hands. This season I have prepared by keeping a stack of hand creams close by to provide me moisture until the end of May if necessary. 

How can that be relevant, you may wonder. For me, who loves to wash her hands too many often, is crucial. Besides avoiding hot water, soaps have had an important part in giving my hands as little damage as possible. There is a type of soap bar that while in use, I risk tightness of my skin and sometimes even peel off dead skin cells (that aren't even there). I avoid soap bars for that reason (although not every one turned out the same) and I have been using liquid soaps for a while now. It has gravely improved the condition of my skin (and kept it that way too). Cotton and Silk cream liquid hand wash from Afrodita is one of many I have found in line with my hands. Besides its divine scent and creamy consistency, it has proven great. 

Remember me talking about Lip Care during winter and how I have a certain number of lip balms so I can keep one in each (most used) bag? The same story goes with hand creams. I am used to apply cream after each hand washing and when going to bed- those are the times I need it the most or I want to use it as a mask for deep conditioning. Caudalie hand and nail cream has a fine and almost thick texture that provides my hands everything they need. While I prefer scent-free products, this one has a soft citrusy essence that I don't mind at all. Cotton and Silk is the same range as the soap and smells just as well. I keep bigger version in my bag and frankly, it is almost gone. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are familiar with L'Occitane Arlesienne Velvet hand cream. I will leave a link to its previous mention so I can move on to the last moisturizer: Le Couvent des Minimes- Gardener's Hand Healer (this name though!). I am currently using it at home but unfortunately not because I am gardening.😉 This one reminds me very much of Caudalie I mentioned earlier. They both have similar, semi-light consistency, citrus scent and they both do an amazing job. 
What are your go-to hand creams? 
xx Maja


  1. These are great, I love hand creams!! And they are definitely needed right now, with the weather getting so cold x


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