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Combat Winter Boots

What a turn of style... I avoid wearing anything military inspired because it is simply a style I don't see myself in it. There would be a certain amount of style I'd gladly dig into and that is much older inspired fashion (for example uniforms from eighteenth until late nineteenth century). Dark khaki or olive green jumper (or any other clothing) also aren't considered in the same category because this is just another colour that has been around since centuries. But camouflage print or combat boots evolved in the early twentieth century is something that seems too drab. 

When I got surprised one day with mum coming from her shopping trip and saying she found very exciting boots that I'm going to love (sometimes she guesses but sometimes I am surprised by her choices). When she pulled these out of her bag, I immediately said I'll never wear them (not in a snobbish way- if my sister wouldn't like them either, I'd personally go and return them myself). But when sister admired them and giving them great remarks (maybe to change my heart), it caught my attention and I started to wonder if/how I could style them. And with that, I am here- with another post wearing new shoes from New Yorker. 
How do you like them? 
Thanks for reading, 
xx Maja

Thank you Leja for the photos. You can see her new post on Leja's Moment.


  1. You look fantastic in this set;)

  2. I just love your boots, they are sooo cute <3
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  3. BEST BLOG! <3

    Come to my blog:

  4. Olá...
    Adorei ver o seu look...
    Convido você a participar do NOVO concurso cultural do meu blog.
    O tema é natalino, e para saber mais acesse o link abaixo:
    Aguardo a sua participação, no link acima...
    Até, mais...

  5. What a wonderful look.
    Great pieces.

  6. I'm glad you changed your mind on the boots. They fit you so well. These boots are never out of style and they are really good for the cold season. Great outfit. Have a great week ahead :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


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