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Fashion Fraction: Haul

Top: Colloseum

I am stocked with few new items in my closet and I like each one of them. The only thing I am missing is a warm day so I can put these in action and on blog for you to see as well. This time I focused on items that are bodycon to outline my shape as I am small and I tend to get lost in loose clothing. My favourites are peplum tops that make any outfit look good and I have to say this is something that is outside my comfort zone but I like to expand it and reach for items that I wouldn't normally go for. 
Peplum tops: Colloseum
Crop top: New Yorker
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Humanic 

Do you always reach for clothing items that are familiar to you or do you challenge yourself getting new and risky products every now and then? 

Wishing you a cozy day, 

Beauty Bits: Skin Coverage

Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base
A good coverage for blemishes and dry skin is more difficult to find than for oily skin. Every time I am in a drugstore or when I am watching new commercial, makeup products are usually meant for oily skin. I picked up Catrice Prime and Fine makeup base because it supposed to be one of the rare hydrating products. Green colour itself says to be better with covering up any redness and blemishes and I immediately picked the product up when next I saw that it is hydrating too. When I am applying it, I do it before my foundation. If you want to cover redness completely you will have to put on a few layers. I can say it is hydrating but for my skin type some face creme before applying a base wouldn't be a bad idea. Otherwise it feels nice on my skin and not heavy at all. It isn't exactly the best primer out there but I will keep using it (in case something changes) and then move on to continue my search. 

essence Stay-All-Day 16h Longlasting Concealer
I don't know about 'stay-all-day' but this essence longlasting concealer lasts long enough for me to spend an entire afternoon (or morning) out. I like the coverage and light consistency. With a shade lighter than my natural skin tone, it actually gives me best coverage so far. I use it on my blemishes and under my eyes. I use two layers of this concealer whenever I want to hide my under eye bags completely. This concealer I will certainly repurchase. 

ebelin Concealer Sponge
It comes in a set of two and I kept one to myself and the other one I gave to my sister. I use it with the concealer mentioned above and I use it on a dry sponge actually. I find it good for blending in the concealer under my eyes and around my nose. I would repurchase this concealer sponge again and next I might even purchase a regular beauty blender from the same brand. 
Which primer and concealer is your holy grail? 
xx Maja

Fluffy & Burgundy Jumper

If you need something warm in cold days, look no further than fluffy jumper. Mine is from H&M but you can find them anywhere. I am usually that girl who needs a few layers especially in winter but with this jumper, nothing extra is needed. 

Lately I have been fond of my Primark bag. When I was in Austria I wore it almost every day to school. I like the little added white envelope clutch in the front outside pocket. You can just change your day-bag to an evening-bag when headed out with friends. 

My hair had a nice waves when I headed out in the morning but with humidity outside it quickly turned out to be like in the photos- messy look that isn't so wrong I hope.
Do you have similar issues with your hair? 
xx Maja

Aislestyle Dresses

How many times have you been a bridesmaid or a wedding guest? This summer it will be my third time and I am already thinking of what to wear. For a summer wedding it is best to wear a dress of a thin material but it doesn't necessary needs to be short. Last summer I wore a blue long dress you already saw me wearing in Blue Lace Dress post.

However, this time I am thinking of wearing something similar to these bridesmaid dresses in the photos above. Just today I have been discussing with my sister how difficult it would be to be unique, wearing a dress or a colour that no one else among guests have. I think you would have to be a genius, trying to stand out in the crowd but not daring to overshadow the bride (obviously). 

From the selection I have made, my all-time favourite is the pink dress. From the first sight you can see it is a light-weighted material and made for summer, outdoor weddings. I like that it is not a formal dress which means the dress would certainly get another wear. Off-the-shoulder is the trend I root for and if I can (trust me, I can) picture myself wearing this somewhere on the sand beach... Of course, it would be a blast if the wedding took place on the beach but one can dream, right? 

Which one do you recommend and which one would you wear? 
xx Maja

Beauty Bits: Skincare haul

Natural lip balm: Milina
In a tiny container of 5 ml I find a very moisturizing and oily lip balm, made of beeswax, shea butter, palm oil, almond oil, jojoba, castor oil and essential oil of lavender and orange. With thick formula it is ideal for chapped lips to heal faster. With this type of formula, the product doesn't stay on for long and the results can be felt right after the product is absorbed into the skin. I use it only when the damage is great and leave everyday care for elanosol lip balm. 

Body butter: Dvorec Trebnik
I became familiar with body butters when I bought my first one from Soap & Glory (still in love with it!) from London. I usually use body lotions but in winter time body butter comes in handy. I have randomly chosen this one from Dvorec Trebnik (Slovenian brand) in 200 ml to keep me covered throughout an entire season (and maybe more). 

Body lotion: treaclemoon
Keeping my body lotion collection in continuous use meant I couldn’t resist a great offer in a drugstore when I encountered it, especially when it comes to a brand I haven’t tried yet. Contains: 350 ml. 

Fragrance mist: Victoria's Secret
It hasn’t been too long since VS came to Müller drugstores in Slovenia and ever since I wanted to try one out. This one is called Pure Seduction and as this news may be old to most (or all) of you, I will only add how heavenly the scent is (red plum and freesia). I have only started using it and this bottle will last me a long time. Contains: 250 ml. 
What is your current body lotion/butter in use? 
xx Maja