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Beauty Bits: Makeup Haul | Sleek, MeMeMe

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette
‘Garden of Eden’ consists of earthy tones, focused on browns and greens. It has twelve shades of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. As you can see on the photos, seventh and eighth shade are least pigmented but the rest are amazing. I have already tried out every shade and several eye looks with this palette and have only positive feedback. It is self-explanatory that matte eyeshadows are more difficult to blend than shimmer ones. I don’t think this is particularly a nuisance as I spend too much time on my makeup anyway. 
Sleek Lip Palette
I never owned a lip palette in my collection and I never had an opinion on one too. It was an area I had no need intervening into until recently. Sleek Showgirl lip palette has four shades, perfect for spring/summer time. One (‘vegas’) is satin pigmented, ‘jewel’ has velvet finish and the rest (‘lola’ and ‘dancer’) are glossy ones. Apart from ‘jewel’ which appears more matte and therefore drying, I find lipsticks creamy and long lasting. I already have a favourite and it’s ‘lola’.
MeMeMe Lip Glide
This is another lip product which has simply impressed me. Crayon is really the easiest way to apply a lipstick. MeMeMe’s ‘Rich Truffle’ is a colour suited for everyday look and I just chuck it in my bag when I am on the go. I don’t have to worry about sharpening it because more of the product can be rolled out. It stays on for a long time, even when I am eating but I try not to exaggerate.
Which lip colour do you favour? As usual, my sister and I are uploading new video every Friday on our channel and tomorrow it is going to be a makeup look created with both palettes. If you would like to see it, don’t forget to follow us there too. Happy weekend!

Casually Elegant

It has been a nice and relaxing weekend. I have to admit, I feel a little confused with one hour change. It seems like spring tiredness has finally caught up to me. I am hoping to get rid of it soon with burying myself into work.

One morning before weekend I was shopping with my sister and since the parking lot was mostly empty we used it to take photos for this blog post. My casually elegant look came together perfectly until I came to choose shoes. Does this ever happen to you? Recently I struggle with finding a perfect pair of shoes to wear with any outfit. I don’t want to wear winter shoes anymore and it is too early for spring/summer shoe wear.

My neutral look contains mostly beige and white. I kept it in the same tone with brown coat from Primark and orange shoulder bag from H&M. This look is something I have never pulled together before- a mix of elegancy and casualness. How do you like it?
Top: Mana // Cardigan: H&M // Trousers: Marx // Shoes: Humanic
Photos: Leja

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Hope you all had lovely holidays.

Organic Face Skincare | eccoverde

Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Scrub
A combination of almond oil, mango butter, brown sugar and oranges does a job of removing dead skin cells and is supposed to provide optimal care for dry skin complexion. Even though the content of Akamuti Facial Scrub comes in 50 ml, I only need the tiniest amount of product (a size of a walnut is totally enough) to apply and massage in circular motions. As recommended I avoid eye and mouth area. I rinse it off with warm water/damp towel. I use it one to two times a week. After use I can feel smooth and soft complexion without making my face any tighter than it already is. It cleanses my face and makes it fresher and rejuvenated.
Khadi face mask
This mask maintains natural moisture level and provides smooth and youthful appearance. Sandalwood gets rid of dirt and reduces and cleans large pores. The only thing I haven’t be able to witness is a protection from the sun and preventing pigmentation. This one is going to need much more time to test.

Khadi mask comes in form of a powder. Two teaspoons are supposed to be mixed with four teaspoons of water, milk if you have dry skin (in this case you can also add a spoon of honey) or rose water. I recommend one teaspoon of powder and one (or two) teaspoon of liquid, depending on how thick you want the mask to be on your face. I noticed increased tightness only when using the mask with water. And even then it shows only around nostrils area. I prefer using it with milk and honey.

You can apply the mask on the rest of your body too. Either way, creamy paste should be left on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. There is 50g of product for which I can tell will last me a long time. 
Weleda Balm with calendula for the cold and wind
At first I thought Weleda Balm with calendula was a crème but it is a mix of oil and gel and therefore makes it long to absorb. I applied the product on areas that needed moisture the most (nose and forehead) before bedtime to leave it on overnight. When it gets absorbed it leaves oily residue behind but makes no bigger difference to my skin.

I picked it up because any product against the harsh weather is usually effective and exactly that- harsh. But baby products are gentle to your skin and I figured the combination of the two should be an ideal product. However, it is skin friendly and nourishing but I wouldn’t say it is suitable for extremely sensitive skin, not mine anyway.
Out of three products, I would recommend the first two. They work great for me and I haven’t found any grave flaws. I craved for a scrub that is nourishing and gentle at the same time and the same said for a face mask. All products are made out of organic ingredients. The entire site ecco-verde (where these were purchased) holds only organic products, actually. If you want to see more or what exactly the products hold inside, you can visit their site (here and international one here). 

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any favourite organic beauty product in your skincare collection? 
Have a lovely weekend,
xx Maja

Deep Red Velvet & Bomber Jacket

How easily my energy gets up when sun shows up. After a constant cloudiness, a rare sunny day comes in between where Leja and I use the best of it. We prepare in advance, knowing it is going to be a nice day soon.

New item in my wardrobe is a pale brown bomber jacket from boohoo and on the website it looked like it is baby pink which is why I ordered it in the first place. My regret lasted only about an hour when I saw that I can pair it with many other pieces. As in this look, I used my deep red velvety top with a cross necklace; and faux leather pants only added more gothic edge to the entire look. I wanted edgy look for sure but a hint of lingering gothic flavour was created randomly.

I experiment more with makeup (hopefully, you have been able to see that as well) and here I used a red lipstick from Rimmel in a shade 01 with a neutral smokey eye look. On photos it isn’t much visible because of the bright sun but it goes well with the rest of red shades in the entire look of the day.
Jacket: boohoo // Top: New Yorker // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Primark // Bag: C&A

Wishing you a sunny weekend ahead! 

L'Occitane Hand Creme Arlésienne

It's not even a week since I got L'Occitane Arlésienne Velvet hand creme and it already has a high mark. First time I applied it on my hands, it went on so easily. It is truly velvety and leaves soft hands afterwards. I took too much creme at first and applied the rest on my arms. It is amazing how quickly it works. It leaves your hands hydrated (and soft) for a good amount of time, without needing to apply more- unless you wash the creme off. I have to mention the lovely scent next. It has a floral scent and it says so on the packaging- it is made of extracts of rose, sweet violet and saffron. If you leave the product on, you can smell it through out the day, I kid you not. I applied it yesterday evening and I can still smell it on my arms. 
Do you use any products from L'Occitane? 

Outfit: Back To College

It may be a total cliché but the first thing that comes to my mind when I see a varsity jacket, are those movies of students in high schools and colleges. If this life is true in reality, I do not know but in Slovenia, we don't have school uniforms or different established groups within the institution. Varsity jacket is just another piece that can be incorporated and transformed into a daily wear since we aren't breaking any school/Uni rules ;)

Found in Terranova on sale for only eight euros, this jacket was a random purchase. Turns out, it is a warm companion, having fuzzy sleeves on the inside. From different colour choices (deep blue and brown), I've picked up the traditional black and white. That is why pairing it with the rest of the outfit wasn't difficult. I kept the styling in the same colour palette, with only slight variation. 
Jacket: Terranova // Top: New Yorker // Jeans: Primark // Bag: Mango Outlet // Sneakers: Humanic // Necklace & Bracelet: BikBok

How would you style a varsity jacket? 

NYX soft matte lip cream: Transylvania

Ever since I got this nyx soft lip cream for my birthday, I've been wanting to post it. It is something I've been eyeing but haven't decided whether to buy or not because it is something out of my comfort box. However, my friends surprised me and got it instead. I am glad they did as it has been an absolute favourite. 

Before applying the lipstick, I start off with outlining my lips with s-he lip liner in a shade 003. It is much similar to the nyx lip cream than it looks on the photo, I promise. When I outline my lips, I also drag the lip liner inside and fill it in. I don't want to be left off with only an eyeliner in case my lipsticks wears off. Then, it is time to apply lip cream. The aplicator is easy to control, but you have to be careful around the edges. The product is more sheer than I wanted it to be and if you want to get that perfect dark shade, you have to apply it at least twice. If not, you can be left off with patches of skin/lips shoving through. Other than that, I find it great to wear. It takes a few minutes to dry out and once it does, it gives a matt finish. I found out I can also drink and eat without smearing the lipstick much off. 
Are you fond of nyx lipsticks? Which one is a favourite of yours?