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Beauty Bits: Avon Naturals Body Care

If you’re following me on snapchat then you have seen these novelties at the beginning of the week. This time I am rushing slightly and uploading a post before the fixed hour of posting. I will be gone for the weekend and without the internet so I am doing everything in advance. I also need to share my post on other social media platforms before I leave.

Like said earlier I have gotten this in my email and tried it out a few times already. This range is called naturals and sensational and smells of wild berries and pomegranate. First that comes to use is body cleanser which becomes foamy like any shower gel except that it is more gentle and light to the skin- it doesn’t feel very soapy if I can explain it this way. 
The second comes creamy yoghurt scrub in 150 ml container. It is composed of larger grains which feel like a massage when using the scrub, unlike smaller grains which feel harsher on the skin and can dry out the skin.
Yoghurt body shake is in fact a body lotion and smells just like yoghurt. I still expect tiny bits of fruits to fall out of the bottle. Anyway, the consistency of lotion is very light and the skin absorbs it almost instantly and leaves it moisturized. 
All the products are courtesy of AVON. Opinions on these products are my own. 

Happy weekend! xx Maja

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Red Hood

I have finally worked up my posting schedule and I hope I won’t confuse you any longer by posting any hour, any day. This way I will be more organized and be able to prepare for posts in advance and I will not leave you guessing about the time of posts coming up. Mondays and Fridays are posting days. There are time differences regarding the hour and I try to upload a post in everyone’s wake hour (or at least for as many of you); that is at four p.m. by Central European time (UTC/GMT +1).

Now if we stick to today’s post. I am happy to be uploading more and more fashion posts/personal outfits. I haven’t worn this red shirt in a long time and I brought it up again because of its happy colour. Since it would be quite empty looking without any accessory I added a statement necklace for a big effect. The same story applies to these wedge sneakers- I don’t remember when you saw them last time. But oldies are often goldies and some pieces are hard to say goodbye to.
I wish you a great week and to those who have spring break this week- enjoy. 

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xx Maja

Soft Shades

I had my sister say at the beginning of this week that she wants to film three outfits separately (for a lookbook that is going up on our channel today) - an outfit per day. I had an idea of doing the same, just for my blog. And luckily I did because next week is going to be miserable regarding the weather. 

For this look I was inspired by previous location with cherry blossom trees. I went for soft pink treggings with white, light blouse that complement each other in form of both colour and material. Black cardigan and shoes were included as a contrast but it still kept the softness of this look in balance. You can also see my nails painted in soft pink too and a tiny bit can be seen on the necklace. Jewellery is delicate which I think is in league with the rest of the outfit. 
Cardigan: Bershka // Treggings: Two Way // Bag: C&A // Shoes: Jello
(Photos: Leja)

Talk to you on Monday. Hope you have a nice weekend. xx Maja

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Cherry Blossom Paradise

This weekend has been Ljubljana Fashion Week and like always dates escape me completely and give me no opportunity to ask nicely for invitations in advance. Instead, I have spent Friday in the park I admire the most in the entire city. This time of the year it is in full bloom of cherry blossoms which is my favourite tree.

I wore a (faux) biker leather jacket for the first time this year and while I am glad to get it out again, it was too hot to wear it that day (the sun and all). I am not quite ready to say goodbye to deep red just yet and I wore it on my lips and nails, plus burgundy bag. A novelty in this post is grey, suede open-toe shoes that I couldn’t wait to pair it with the first outfit. I am thinking of wearing them again, only with a white sleeveless vest you’ve seen it not long ago.
Jacket: TwoWay // Top: SportsDirect // Bag: Zara // Shoes: Deichmann // Necklace: Happiness Boutique

I wish you a great and successful week. xx Maja
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Beauty Bits: AVON

If you’re following me on snapchat you have seen this beauty package from Avon last week already. Since blog posts need time to write and upload and stick to the schedule, I am bringing a full and close up review to you today.

Avon Face Pearls
In the catalogue and online I’ve seen only concealer/correcting and bronzing face pearls. The ones I’ve got look like a mix of highlighter and blush. Highlighter prevails and that is how I am using it. I actually use it with the blush brush I also got and apply it on top of my cheek bones.  It gives a natural sheer (but shimmery) glow and doesn’t need any extra powder setting.

Avon Advanced Techniques Leave-In-Treatment
I always get excited over any hair product and this time it was not different. A bottle contains Moroccan and argan oil and is meant to be for all hair types. It says you suppose to apply it on damp hair but it made no difference to me applying it this way. I use it on dry hair and while the bottle has a pump for more practical application I need four pumps to apply it evenly and effectively. I am down to ¾ of a bottle and I’ve already used it three or four times. It comes in 30 ml glass bottle.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks
Lipstick is my favourite makeup. I have four shades to show you, from lightest to darkest: Perfectly Nude, Au Naturale, Pure Pink, and Adoring Love. Two I already know will be my daily lipsticks- Au Naturale and Pure Pink. They’re easy to apply and they go on smoothly. It’s very much like creamy consistency while applying them and once they’re on, they gain matte effect (however, they still feel creamy). You need a lip balm as a base before applying a lipstick. From four shades I find the lightest unsuitable for my skin tone. It must be the shade but unlike others, this one (Perfectly Nude) show all imperfections- chapped lips and wrinkles. Others I am very satisfied with and I keep them close to reach for them often.
*I need to improve close-up shots, especially face shots. Until then, please bear with me. The lighting here is odd but the lipstick shades are very close to what they look in real life. 
Are you familiar with Avon (international site) products? Do you have a favourite? xx Maja

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White sleeveless coat

Vest coat like this one from boohoo I ordered not long ago, the same time as bomber jacket. I always had a soft spot for looks including the vest; getting inspiration from other bloggers. I had seen it in a version of classic chic look, and at first I thought if I should recreate a similar look. It seemed fine but I wanted a look with a pinch of my style in it. I opted for boyfriend jeans (borrowed from Leja) and a crop top from New Yorker (but I wore a black tank top underneath so it looks like one piece). I could easily wear all of this with a pair of sneakers but I liked how everything looked with a pair of heels (Primark). I added a pair of new cat-eye sunnies and a shoulder bag from C&A. How do you like this look? 
Happy Saturday. xx Maja
Top: New Yorker // Vest: boohoo // Jeans: New Yorker // Bag: C&A // Shoes: Primark // Bracelet & necklace: H&M
Photos: Leja
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White Sheet

I’ve had a whole week of sun that made me want to book a hotel somewhere on the beach. It looks beautiful when you’re inside but once you step out, the wind so strong could almost blow you away. I think it is playing tricks with me. Every time we went to take photos previous week, the sun was suddenly surrounded by a big block of clouds and the sky was nowhere to be seen. That explains no sun in the photos.

In my mind it is spring that brings a new start (unlike New Year). It may do something with animals coming out of hibernation; blooming flowers and frequent sun that makes me feel so. Most plans are made then- giving full energy to do things you hadn’t had time to do before. It creates a clean start- writing to do lists and to do vacations, trips, and visits on a white sheet of paper. I hope you get to explore, travel or educate yourself more this spring. It’s important to always challenge yourself and keep growing.
Jacket: Hofer // Blazer: Orsay // Top: New Yorker // Bag: Topshop // Shoes: Jello // Necklace: Kik

Photos: Leja

Thanks for reading. xx
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