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Wearing: Faux Leather Peplum Top

I could easily dress this look down with a pair of jeans but wearing magenta coloured trousers from Zara have the same effect with a pair of high heels as jeans would have. Across the top I wore a shoulder bag from Accessorize in similar colour as trousers. Golden details allowed me to pick a cuff bracelet from H&M to match the bag. Coincidentally, buckles on boots (Deichmann) match as well. To top this look off I wore a pair of round sunglasses with a bit of baroque detailing on sides. 

I wore a faux leather peplum top from Colloseum that I haven’t yet had a chance to show it. Sides are in fact made out of stretchy material that cling to your body and accentuate your waist. Second thing as you might already know with peplum tops, is a wider bottom part that also helps with thinning a waist line (or at least appear to look so). The zipper in front isn’t very appealing but is necessary to put on/get out of the top. 

My hair is lately always put up in some kind of braid. At first I wanted to do a crown braid but it simply wasn’t my day for braiding. So I opted to braid my hair from top to the nape of my head and then braid it normally and bring it to the other side. That way it stays out of my face because the sunglasses are big enough and if I were to wear my hair down, it would cover it completely.
Top: Colloseum (similar) // Trousers: Zara (similar) // Bag: Accessorize (similar) // Bracelet: H&M (similar) // Boots: Deichmann (similar)

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From bronde to chocolate | New hair colour

Getting a new hair colour was on my to-do list for a while. I struggle with white (!) hair behind my ears and lately I have noticed an increase of those on top of my head. I regularly colour my hair- ever since I was eighteen when I noticed my first single white hair. I stayed in the same zone and coloured my hair to the same natural shade I was born with. I would've still had the same colour if it wasn't for a new problem: hair colours I was using started to wear off. For some reason I would need to buy new products every two or three weeks. Those who are reading this blog for some time now know that my hair is dry and don't appreciate regular (more than that actually) use of hair colours. I did try to include highlights which made my look more bronde but the problem remained. 

I decided to try and visit a local hairdresser and got an advice that brighter colours don't stick well on my hair. She adviced me to stay clear of blonde and most certainly- of silver that is now very popular. Her choice I agreed to go for was chocolate which in the end turned out great. I haven't noticed a single white (full) hair so far and the colour is still fully on my hair. 

Have you encountered similar problems with your hair? How did you dealt with it? 
Thank you for reading, xx Maja

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How To Style a Sleeveless Coat

It was sooo windy when we took these pics. We couldn’t keep up for long as it seemed like the wind is only getting stronger. I always admire the professional photos taken in similar conditions (taken by professionals and real models for posing). I don’t know how they can take such incredible pics- always facing the right direction, even when the course of wind changes. For instance, my hair is already behaving crazy; I only have to brush them and they’re already like an overgrown bush on my head. With windy conditions… well, they’re quite something to look at as they’re hard to miss.

Anyway, I kept my look of the day clean and simple. I wore my sleeveless coat from boohoo (you’ve already seen it in this post) and my sister loved to regard it as a cape every time a fresh breeze hit us and sent my coat floating around. Zara white top is light material and great for summer time. It has two layers- bottom one is in grey and in the same chiffon material as the upper one. What I like about Zara jeggings I’m wearing is high waist and stretchy material. They’re acting great as a contrast to the rest of the items and the bright sun (isn’t the entire outfit somehow too shiny). I am still up for a challenge to style an entire look all-white, similar to this one here, only elegant.
I wish you a lovely day and thank you for reading, xx Maja

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On The Wall

It’s been fun to mix styles lately and I figured that’s my thing. I like many looks and pieces and while it’s typical to style an elegant blouse with an elegant pants or a pencil skirt, I prefer to go towards different direction and create a whole new look. When I plunged this peplum top out of my wardrobe (finally warm enough) I immediately knew I wanted a casual pair of jeans and ripped ones seemed ideal. I wore no additional necklace because the top already has one stitched in. It comes in handy when you don’t want to lose time choosing for the perfect piece. More golden details are shown in edges of cat-eye sunglasses and details of a backpack, marking the elegant side of the look. I contradicted the golden accessories with a pair of silver shoes. Although shiny, it doesn’t make other details unseen.
Happy Friday, xx Maja

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Summer Beauty Essentials

This post is coming up late because I spent an entire day on a course (from 7 a.m.) until now. Hence the last minute writing. Luckily, I have all photos prepared; only words are coming up together now.

Last week I got this package* from Avon and if I have to give an award to an amazing PR, Avon would get it. Besides summer being here and those products just in time to test them out; I would also bring these four essentials with me when on a summer vacation (somewhere near beach that is). Avon hydrating Aloe & cotton face spritz would be in use all day, every day (already is) as a cooling treat to my sweaty face. I tend to wear no makeup in the summer and face is bare and exposed to the sun. Here comes in the face sun crème and Avon’s one is meant only for face and for sensitive skin- very thoughtful and practical- with SPF 30. Just today I had a misfortune when I was standing in the sun for a short period of time (it wasn’t that long, I could swear) and I still managed to get sunburnt. The only good thing about it, is that it started to notice when I arrived home (and no one else could see it). Learn from my mistake guys. Five, ten or fifteen minutes in the sun is enough to get burned. Another product I got was a lip crayon in a shade ‘notice me nude’ (sassy, right) that is a beautiful neutral colour with bronze shimmer. Lastly, I found Avon Joyful Tropics shower crème in scents of papaya and peach to be a cherry on top of a cake. If they could only know how to bring the beach to me… ;)
*PR products
Thank you for reading, xx Maja
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Graffiti // Blue

For some time now I had a desire to try taking photos in front of this wall full of graffiti. I bypass it almost every day and every time I wish to take time for photos. Last Friday I made a plan just for that and luckily the sun was out to provide bright light. I wore my denim vest with fun embroidery on over an old H&M striped blouse. Polka dots trousers didn’t seem like too much of a risk of mixing with another (different) pattern. I kept my trainers simple and blue to go with the colour scheme.
Hope you all have a fun week! xx Maja

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Summer Splash

How quickly has time gone by? I hope you are enjoying June so far. New summer trends are already in stores and with sales around the corner… I am most certain the two combinations are dangerous to face right now. I have picked up quite some favourites and the first I am going to mention are pom poms. Wear them on sandals, on a dress- whichever suits you best. Various colours just scream summer and it’s amazing to style it. My words couldn’t have been better represented than with this black romper where pom poms are clear to see.

Next trend I have seen on my favourite blogs are tassels. You must’ve also seen them in my previous wish list. They are just fun and exciting. Blue dress is absolutely eye-catching and it would go great with flats and a straw hat for a beachy look, right?  [dreamy face]

Off-the-shoulder trend isn’t new but in this era it is represented more girly and delicate. Ruffle edges are most common on a bottom part of a blouse and an extra layer of a top can create those same effects. Shirt dresses aren’t new either but they bring an entire dictionary on how to wear and style them.

Which trend are you most anxious to see? xx Maja

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