My First Kiko Milano Haul

I had a friend visiting from Italy and she has brought me little gifts which was a nice touch. I wasn't expecting anything and wasn't asking for anything but she managed to surprise me anyway. I don't remember ever passing a Kiko store while abroad but if I spotted one, I wouldn't just passed by it. Having heard and read many good reviews, I was thrilled to test it myself. 

First thing I picked up from the bag was this duo pencil. On one side it has an eyeshadow in gorgeous bronze shade even Cleopatra would be jealous of and on the other side it is a thin eyeliner in dark brown. Both pigmentation needs to be praised; the application too- it glides on easy and smooth. It is a thing with my eyelids but I can wear shimmer eyeshadows only on my lids, not in my crease or else they get lost and move around. Crazy, I know. This one is a limited edition and is in a shade: 02 Copper and chocolate. 

Next one is also limited edition and is called 3D Light & Glow highlighter. It is in a shade 02 Challenge Peach and comes in a stick with three different colours, combined of highlighter, blush and bronzer. It must be too much of a trio because all together act as a blush. I use a small brush to get only the highlighter out but since it's creamy, most of the product stays on the brush. 

Last one isn't limited edition; it is Smart lipstick in a red shade 926 Marsala. While I love matte lipsticks, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to wear creamy lipstick. I got used to dry lips that I forgot how great it feels to wear something nourishing. And the shade isn't too dark as it may look on photos, it accentuates natural lip colour, making it darker but daily wearable. 

Which products from Kiko have you tried before, loved it and would recommend it? 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja

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Avon Life by Kenzo Takada Perfume Launch

Last Wednesday I joined twenty other bloggers from Slovenia to be a part of an event organized by Avon. Inside National Gallery's café Zvezda we were seated to hear more about two new Avon Life perfumes designed by famous Kenzo Takada. Although one was created for men and the other for women, they appear similar in scents, men's only stronger and muskier. Avon Life for Her is enriched with floral fragrances from water lily, iris and violet leaf while Avon Life for Him is a mix of black pepper, musk and cedar. (See full list of ingredients here)

If perfumes are too strong for you, there is also an option of acquiring body lotion or body spray in same scent, only lighter. All novelites are coming to Avon in October so you can keep in check with your local Avon for a more precise date. 

For me this was the first ever bloggers event and I couldn't keep my excitement down. However, I was very shy since here is the comfy room of my home and out there is the real deal and didn't know what to expect. I knew most of the bloggers and their blog names but couldn't connect their faces to their names... (I am bad with remembering names). In the end, I met two lovely girls and hopefully will have other opprotunites to meet them again and to meet the rest of the crew. Thanks again Avon for inviting me! 
Thanks for reading, 
xx Maja

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Ljubljana Fashion Week | September 2016

I remember a post where I wrote you how unlucky I was to miss an opportunity to ask for LJFW tickets this Spring. After that moment I let this request hidden in my mind only to come out this August to remind me of the promise I made to myself. This Tuesday I was allowed to join in the shows as a blogger and I brought Leja as my plus one. Half an hour before the shows we showed up in Hotel Slon and seen an already gathered crowd inside and outside. For us it was weird standing and mingling amongst people and not know anyone. Surely, there's been a lot of fashion experts in the crowd but if anything, I hate forced approach. Back to topic, this entire event has been an exciting expectation. It was a lucky coincidence we came early because we didn't need to squeeze and push our way through to the seats. 

With only few minutes late, the first set of shows started off with amazing Maja Ferme whose collection was personally my favourite. For those who are at least a bit familiar with her work, she designs very sophisticated, elegant and glamurous collection every season that can compare to many high-end fashion designers. If in some paralel dimension was I ever to walk the Red Carpet, I'd wear her pieces. 

Sanija Reja Aske presented herself in LJFW several times and I was happy to finally see her designs walking the runway in person. Her collection was amongst my favourites and I admire how fun her pieces were. Patterns and colour combinations were on point. 

At nine o'clock in the evening, Young@Squat (a group of four young and talented designers whose one member actually attended the same high school at the same time as myself) reigned the runway with asymetrically and creatively designed clothing with many touches on the details. 

Nejc Šubic is a young designer whose collection included a lot of pastel colours and printed brids (Parus major to be specific) on men's clothing. I personally loved the entire collection. It seems very wearable and out-of-the-box. Who says men fashion can't be fun? 

Nataša Hrupič runway show was full of earthy tones. Outerwear caught my eye immediately because of its cut and flowy material. Petja Zorec created what seems most challenging collection. Her pieces seem to be designed for true fashionistas and those who don't fear to stand out. She also created an amazing atmosphere with her music choice that ended Ljubljana Fahion Week in a blast. 
^^ Nataša Hrupič
All photos from the runway: Jure Makovec Photography

You can find more details of designers, their collections and where to shop their pieces on clickable links. 

Happy weekend, 
xx Maja

Pug face crop top

Last week Leja ordered herself a new camera and it took three days to deliver the package. Since then we went to try it out only once and yesterday we took another opportunity to test it. Instead of our Nikon we took the new Olympus to town. Leja tested it first on me (as you can see in today's post) and then I couldn't resist to snap a few photos myself. 

A couple of weeks ago I posted a new promising location for snapping blog photos and that's where we went yesterday. In the beginning we chose a white blank wall but changed it completely afterwards when we noticed the plain photos were not what we seeked. I wore a simple colour combination with a nice touch of metallic clutch. 

We had luck with the weather in the morning. It was cloudy but it didn't rain until towards the end of our photo session. It cooled down slightly too and we had to wrap it up. 
Behind the scenes: 
 ^^ Leja pulled an incredibly funny move while photographing me and I couldn't keep my face straight. 
^^ I kept getting photobombed by this one pigeon and we couldn't shoo it away. It loved being on camera so here's one pic just for him/her. 

Hope your weekend was okay, 
xx Maja

Stripe Shirt Dress

It’s the middle of September and up until yesterday the days made it look like August. Mornings are chilly but afternoons are summery. When I left for town, I wore a jacket over this stripe dress from H&M. It was soon time to throw it over my arm and carry it around town (the jacket I mean). You haven’t seen me wear many dresses on my blog and that is because I don’t feel comfortable in short dresses or skirts. This one, however, is ideal length for me. Anything that reaches knees or is longer is acceptable to me. I hate it when I need to constantly fix the dress if it’s too short because it looks like it’s trying to slip up on purpose, just to give me a hard time. What I also like in this dress is the airiness- its wide cut allows my body to breathe and in summer that is very important. Imagine having all the sweaty spots seen on your dress because your dress is like a second skin. Sorry for tmi but this is the main reason I try to avoid bodycon clothing in summer. What is your ideal dress?
xx Maja

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Fashion Fraction | Styling Dungarees

Jumper (H&M) // Baseball cap (Tally Weijl) // Bomber jacket (H&M) // Dungarees (Asos) // Mini backpack (New Look) // Sneakers ( Zara) 

Styling in fall doesn't have to be always the same. You can be creative in many ways; you can layer one piece after another (keep the limit of three-four clothing pieces in mind, you do not want to get lost in all that textile) or incorporate scarves and hats for a change. Since these dungarees are skinny, I immediately loved the idea of chunky polo-neck jumper underneath. You can keep basic top and turn to pretty jackets to wear over. Khaki bomber jacket has become something of a keep-it piece and I can see why. I haven't include it in this collage but you can also style a varsity jacket if you're not a fan of bomber jackets. We see a lot of fedora hats in fall season but baseball caps make outfits pretty too. Especially with that big chunky sweater :) Not everything needs to be in black and I tried to involve soft tones into sporty look. Golden details and a chain on the backpack hold edginess of this outfit among beige and grey and they match the sneakers too. 

How would you style dungarees? xx Maja

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Easy Coconut Slice


2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup oil (I used sunflower oil)
1 cup flour
10 g baking powder
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1/2 liter milk
1 cup sugar
5 tablespoons of grits
100 g coconut flour (flakey, not grounded)

Mix eggs and sugar first, then the rest of the ingredients (for dough). Pour half of the batter into a baking pan (approx. size 20 x 30 cm), greased with oil and bake at 150°C for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, boil the milk, add in sugar and grits. Cook for a few minutes until it thickens. In my case that didn't happen so I added 1-2 tablespoons of flour. Remove it from the stove and pour in coconut flour. When the first half of the batter is baked, pour over the coconut cream and other half of the batter on top of it. Bake at 150 degrees for another 20 minutes or so, depending on the oven. Enjoy! 
 *original recipe can be found here (in Slovenian)
Have a great weekend, 
xx Maja

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