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Styling Side Split Jumper

I am usually not someone who follows fashion trends but from time to time, I give in to some pretty pieces, such as this pink jumper with V-neck and pearly details. I originally wanted to get a grey one but it was out of stock. I like this one better because I can style it with so many pieces in my wardrobe and I am glad I am getting more colours for Fall.

What I've Been Loving Right Now | Metallics

Unexpected decision happened when I bought golden metallic jacket I found in a random shop. It was a bold purchase but I don't regret it. Even if it's golden, it is not such an attention seeker-piece. That is why I bravely reached for the slip-ons in the same tone and material. I think certain outfits imprint on my mind because how else would I explained why I wore embroidery shoulder bag as an accessory, just as in my How To Wear Metallics post a while ago?

Real vs. Deal: Gucci Dupes Under $100

There are always some pieces that attract more attention than others. You usually see them on someone whose style you admire and look for inspiration; and that is when the trend boom starts. It can caught up anyone in the game, even those who don't follow the trends. 

In this post I am bringing you two pieces for which myself have been a 'victim' that couldn't resist them buying. First ones are the famous Gucci 'Princetown' slippers that I am certain you know all about. The second one may be equally attractive because it has been worn by almost every fashion blogger out there- it's the Gucci logo t-shirt.

Fashion Find: Shearling Jacket + How To Wear It

At the beginning of the year, I got a faux fur jacket, now it's a shearling jacket from Stradivarius. It seems I like fluffy jackets at the moment. And why not if there are so many reasons to get one. 

  • it's fluffy
  • it keeps you warm
  • it gives you a nice structure
  • and it looks fashionable. 

Unlike faux fur jackets, shearling ones can be a lot less expensive. They are seen mostly in neutral tones such as beige, brown, grey and black but there are exeptions if you look hard enough. See my selections of shearling jackets below.

How To Style Faux Leather Trousers | Part 2

First part I styled casually because it is the first thing that pops into my mind when I think anything (faux) leather. How it turned out, check out How To Style Faux Leather Trousers - Edgy Look post. I thought of how it would be if I created a look opposite of the first. So I went for pumps and a blouse. You could say I managed to turn the look a dash more elegantly or that I dressed down an elegant look. Either way, I like how it turned out and I think you can find many other options to create a chic look around (faux) leather, don't you think? 

1. Feminine top
As you can see, I went for a blush blouse but you can try on oversized jumper for a chic look or striped tee or even a plain one with a black blazer. 

5 Ways of Revamping A Grey Sweater

Hope you're well. This week I have went to shops to check out the new collections. Was I away for too long or do shops somehow appear smaller? I got used to checking everything online and when I showed up to the store to get the chosen items, I found out half of them weren't available (they were available online though). At least I know one main reason why everything moved to virtual shops- there is not enough physical space in stores to present everything new that comes each season. If only trying out clothes would be possible from sofa. Until next post, xx Maja"

1. Accessory
If you prefer to wear a casual ootd, you can prep it up with accessory and even bold makeup. Add a pair of pumps, chic handbag or make sure you wear a noticeable bling.

2. Skinny jeans
Anything goes well with skinny jeans, I say. In case where the jumper is baggy, skinny jeans are a good way to obtain your figure and make it a nice contrast against the oversized top.

How to Style Faux Leather Trousers | Edgy Look

With unstoppable rain drops on their way, two days were the only option to go out and take photos for new blog posts. I got the idea of styling faux leather pants- one look edgy and another chic. Today, I am sharing five tips on what you can include to the look for highlighted edginess. Keep reading, xx Maja"

1. Graphic tees
Even if they appeared firstly because of the trend, they are also a good way to express your style with a little help from printed words on tops. I think 'bonjour' was a great background display of my mood and sunshine that day. Can you tell? 😁 I do have in mind to write a separate post on graphic tees so keep your eyes open for extra styling information. 

Note: plain tees are a good way to style faux leather too because jewelry can be stocked on and be clearly visible while sending a stylish message. 

10 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends For 2017-2018

Fall and Winter fashion trends this season 2017-2018 give many varieties from which you can choose your favourite one to wear. From Chanel to Sonia Rykiel, designers have thought of everyone's fashion taste. I have gathered my top ten Fall/Winter trends for you to check on before heading to stock up on winter clothing. Happy reading! xx Maja"

1. Silver and shine
A way to give a modern touch to clothing; it was mostly seen on padded jackets, pleats or boots. 

2. Feathers
On the runway you could see white feathers only while high-street retailers are diving into other colours as well.

Last Day of Summer | OOTD

Hey there, 
how've you been? This week has passed too quickly and it is not over yet. I am attending a wedding and I have seriously nothing to wear to a fall wedding. It seems I'll have to borrow something from my sister... anyway, here is another and last summery look. It is always too much of a surprise of how quickly it goes away. Temperatures could at least decend slowly so it isn't too much of a shock for our bodies. Still, I can't wait to switch summer clothing for Fall and Winter ones. All the best, xx Maja"

Midday sun is the least favourite, you'll hear photographers say. I completely agree with them- at least if you're shooting directly in the sun. But if I turn my back to the sun, the entire look is too dark and it gives me trouble when editing photos (usually it makes the background too bright and the photo quality bad). And if this time is the only time we can take photos, we sure try our best to make it work.

How To Style: Cozy Little Black Dress

Hi everyone! Ever since I came back from vacation, I hadn't taken any break from blog really. I had signed up for an e-course and been working on my Pinterest account ever since (you can check it out @majasmuffin). Leja and I took a couple of photos in between and the first one is this simple and very cozy black dress. Read on to see how you can style it. xx Maja"

Dress it down
To make this look more casual and cozy, you can add a pair of sneakers, a backpack and a baseball-inspired hat (optional). Any pair of flats is good for this look as long it is sporty and everyday such as slip-ons or slip on slides. Try avoiding jewelry in this case or go for fabric-like bracelet or a chocker necklace that isn't too shiny.

Trending: Pearls and Where to Find Them

Hey, long time no see. I felt inspired to write about one trend I particular like this year: pearls. I realized I was subconsciously buying summer pieces with pearls on them ever since I saw a pair of flats in Zara. Since then, this trend expanded to other pieces too. Do you have a favourite? xx Maja"

Classic way of wearing pearls are earrings and necklaces but runways have shown us reinvented new ways to wear this trend. You can stack on necklaces or rings to make it more edgy or wear cuffed earrings to avoid looking stuffy and strict.

5 Places to See in BiH | Travel Look

Hi there.
I am back from two weeks of vacation and while I've been good and posting regularly, I have also had time to explore the nature as well as city attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Originally, I planned a two-day trip but since the circumstances wouldn't allow us, I managed to squeeze a long trip into one day. Keep reading to see where I headed... xx Maja"
First stop was the heart of the country becuase we planned most of the roadtrip on the south and here is where we started. The capital is definitely something you need more than a couple of hours to see but as it was only our stopping point, we quickly walked through Baőčarőija which is the old part of town where narrow streets are hiding with stone paved paths.

3 Must-Have Colourful Summer Bags Under $50

Hi again,
I hope you are well. I am having trouble with skin condition (again) and I've been stressing about it because nothing is helping it. I do not wish the same on anyone because it is not fun. It makes me self conscious and I do not want to leave the house while my skin is on fire. 'Oh dear Johnson… ' If we can rewind a couple of weeks ago to a rare day when my skin was spotless and my only trouble was what to wear. Stay well and drink plenty of water (!). Maja"

1. Tropical
What would be summer if not for at least one trend to obtain tropical vibes? You can find this particular trend in other pieces already but I love to see beige-dark green combination on a bag to spice up any outfit. 

Perfect Cozy Look for the Summer

I hope you are well. I can barely believe it has been already a week of vacationing. One blink of an eye and I will be back on the same everyday routine at home. However, I am definitely not complaining. I have seen quite a bit of the country where my parents were brought up in. I am preparing a special post for that and I hope it will be entertaining. No matter what was the occasion, I loved wearing cozy clothing which allowed me to move easily even in unbearable weather conditions. What goes under this category, you can see if you keep reading. xx, Maja”

1. Swish it. Wide, shapeless clothing is what I reach for most often in the summer time. Pay attention to the sizing though as you can get lost in such clothes, especially if you are petite size. The difference between XS and S can be bigger than you think. Some stores have it right but try the selected piece just the same so you won’t end up returning it to the shop. 

3 Chic Summer Outfits For Work

Hello, I've taken my pen (or laptop in this case) to tell you that I have safely arrived at family's summer house where I will be situated for two weeks. I am on vacation now and oh dear, it is going great so far. I am taking a few local trips and you can keep track of everything on my insta stories @majasmuffin, as usual. Before I left, I felt inspired to do a chic summer look that can be worn at work. It is comfortable but still office appropriate. I am enclosing three summer outfit ideas and you can tell me what is your office/work dressing style in summer? Take care, Maja"

Office/work dressing codes are catchy to follow in the summer. You are all good when you're jumping from AC in your home, to your car and then office but not everyone has that privilege. And let's think- what work doesn't require you to do errands and visit one place or another? I work close to home but it still takes fifteen minutes walk. To help you with the heat, I have created three amazing looks to copy right now. 

1. Go sleeveless. 
Peeling off layers has to be taken into account delicately. You can't pop into office in short shorts and crop top. However, you can go sleeveless and if you do, try to pay attention to what colour and material you plan on wearing so you aren't left with sweaty patches after a stressful meeting. Or have an extra one in your car or bag in case of an emergency. There are different options and I fell in love with sleeveless top from Topshop that has an eyelet hem. 

4 Ways to Style Summer Brights

Hey there,
I trust you're having a good day. I have been seeing other influencers already talking and writing on Fall outfit looks and trends while we're so deep in summer. So if you don't mind, I prepared a few ideas on how to wear brights because I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet and I hope you're not as well. Let me know how you style brights. All the best, Maja"

1. Start small
If you don't categorize yourself as someone who loves to dry daring looks, then this tip is more for you. If you have an item in your wardrobe that you've been dying to show off but thought it is too crazy, you haven't considered all options. You can start by adding neutral pieces to the look- nudes, whites, blacks- whichever you feel comfortable in. This is also a fantastic way to draw attention to this particular piece whether it is a top, shorts, maybe shoes. Who needs all-bright look if this new off-shoulder top looks fabulous on its own, right?

Styling Summer Dresses

how are you? I am back with a daily look and styling tips. It's a miracle that I wore a dress two times in a row. It has been due to the heat wave and I realized this is the best thing to wear in such times. If you have managed to get through my previous writings, you know I already covered a topic of dresses more thouroughly. But what would summer be without dresses? Tell me which ones do you like to wear and if you think I don't know about it, please share. As always, thank you for reading. All the best, Maja"

Day look
During the day I would recommend that you don't carry bulky and huge bags since it's summer and the only thing you need with you is phone, keys and money. There are exceptions if you're heading to the picnic, pool or beach. I personally haven't seen anyone (or rarely) with big bags carrying around that aren't straw bags which is the go-to bag in the summer. Straw bags go just about with everything. However, the rule slightly differs when it comes to straw hats if you're into that. The bigger, the better is what I like but everyone has own style.

Top Five Summer Dresses Under $50

hope you're staying inside during this heat wave. This Monday I opted for this summer dress
(enclosing photos) and I didn't regretted it. It is unbelieavably hot and no one can stand it. One thing was funny when these photos have been taken though. Do you see a man behind some of them? He took a long time to take off his jacket (considering it was nearly fourty degrees Celsius!) and Leja was frustrated that he always stood in the same spot and was turned towards the camera. We did move around a little to get different background but we did not want to be in the afternoon sun or the photos would not have turned as we liked. I could not have been more grateful to have worn a dress that day as I had quite a few errands to make and this one kept me away from embarrasing myself by getting wet patches in uncomfortable areas, lol! I did some digging around to find lighter options and what has been on trend this season. It would be good to have something that can easily transition from day to an evening out but avoid dressing up in tight bodycon clothing (also enclosing a list of dresses). Ruffles are very eye-catching, what do you think? I think a wrap dress is pretty too and easy to throw on, right? I wish you a pleasant day and as always, thank you for reading. Best wishes, Maja"

1. Shirt dresses
Designers and retailers have stepped up the game with shirt dresses. It is about the way you wear them too: buttoned up or down, tucked in your shorts, belted, high or low slits, so try to play around and experiment with the look that suits you the best.

Styling Stripes and Embroidery as Details

What I'm wearing: 

Shirt: H&M
Bag: Orsay
Shoes: Stradivarius
Sunglasses: Naja Fashion Boutique

Best of Summer Tops

Flares, fringes, embroidery, chiffon, palm trees print... all the possible choices you can get in form of a top. That is why summer is one of my favourite time to go crazy with styling outfits- there is just so many choices! If you are looking for time to get out of the box, now is the time. Try on crazy prints- stipes on stripes, pineapple printed top, florals from head to toe- anything that comes to your mind, it's there to test and see which store has more to offer. 

Jungle mania
I don't know which store department started this one first, homeware or clothing. Either way, both have incredible selections and everyone got hooked once this jungle mania began. 

July Book Recommendation: Ruby Red Trilogy

This is a new category to dive into on my blog but not at all an unfamiliar. I do read and I hope you love books as much as I do because I have a trilogy to recommend to you, Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. I will dive right into the three books and you can share your picks for the summer too so we can all have something new to read about. 

Ruby Red
This is the first book of the trilogy and it is a great introduction into the life of Gwen who is a teenager, living in London. Her family has a great history and is one of the oldest families in London. They also have a secret which is not something anyone outside the family knows about. Anyhow, the family comes from a line of ancestors who carry the time travel gene and this time it has been predicted to be a part of Gwen's cousin Charlotte. However, no one suspects anything until Gwen starts to experience nausea, a side effect of the gene and takes a leap in time. Unexpected time travel trips happen to those who are unprepared and Gwen must face an entire time traveler organization elite who pay close attention to history facts, write every note that time travellers experienced during their trips and organize the trips itself. In the organization headquarters she must take special classes so she can be prepared for her next trip. There she also meets Gideon, another time traveller.

Summer Shoes Trends

I have a weakness for shoes, that is no secret. If I could own a closet full of shoes and bags, I would have but then I'd had no room for others, more important pieces. Much easier is to store summer shoes, especially when they're flats because there is also more room for those. Even if you are limited with the storage, you can pile flats one on another and save the room. 

As said, open flats are everything I seek in summer shoes. They have to be comfortable too and fashionable, depending on what are they meant for. Otherwise, any ordinary flats for daily walks will do since they are the ones that will get worn off. In such case, I don't intend to spend a lot of money on such a pair. Better quality and appealing shoes get higher budget but you'll be surprised how many pairs you can find that suits everyone's taste and wallet.

Embroidery Top and Orange Pop of Colour

Back in April was when I found this lovely gem. It reminded me of a piece brought from three hundred years that was modernized to be worn today. We are all aware that everything is about embroidery these days but I have a soft spot when old meets new. A few seasons ago it was when baroque style was seen on the runways and now it's embroidery in every size and shape.

Street harrasment | For once, let the words speak (personal)

For once, I will share a post that is out of my writing style and out of my comfort zone. This is a very personal post I am sure many can relate to. It is partially a hateful one too and something I know I need to put it out there for you to think about. It was a completely ordinary day on a bus station when I heard "Hey! Hey you!" I mentally rolled my eyes because I knew what was coming. I looked up and saw a man. A situation that, as much as I am in town, happens actually quite often. For no reason. First, I was required to share my name to this man. He did not introduce himself. Let me put one information forward first: he was actually retarded, the way he walked and he talked slowly, but he was aware of everything around him. And as a good Christian, I was polite of course. I answered, thinking he might need help with the bus schedule. We shook hands and he completely surprised me when he brought my hand to his lips. That is when I knew right away where this was going. I tried to retrieve it but he clunched it in his grasp. Up until here, if you were raised in a household such as mine, your mind is torn apart. Should you bring attention to you and start yelling at the (remember, he is retarted) man or continue with this bizzare game such as it is and hope to get rid of him? I had 5 minutes to the bus I was waiting for and let me tell you- 5 minutes is too long. Then as he lowered our hands, he lifted them to me as in 'now it's your turn'. I was shocked. Can you imagine the fight I was having in my mind? Just because he was mentally 'challenged' I should be nice to him? The guy was pushy! Raise your hand if you were raised to respect the poor, old and ill! I retrieved my hand instantly and by this time I was mad. Who are you to force me into anyhing?? There were people around and no one seemed to be looking at our direction except a teenager who actually seemed amused. Then the questions came. "Do you have a boyfriend? I don't have a girlfriend." etc. I was speechless but luckily saw the first bus coming and without any hesitation, jumped on it. All this happened in under a poor minute and it was enough to awaken anyone's anger.

It hasn't been the first time something like this happened. I am tired of annoying men, too desperate to get attention. How many times have I walked through the city (midday, let's not forget that), minding my own business and got stopped by such pathetic creatures? I may be standing alone on the bus station but that does not mean I am lonely. I may be dressed elegant (I repeat, elegant or just more classy than usual) but that does not mean I dressed for you. I may looked in your direction but that does not mean I seek your attention. 

I hate to not being able to walk in my own city without being disturbed or bothered by someone. What do I have to do to be left alone? I don't look around and I only look where I am going (I am usually that busy). I can be mean, I can start screaming and my actions can also cause violence from the other side. Because in the end, a truly mentally dangerous man can really cross my path (I am convinced everyone so far were). So where do we stand? Back at the beginning. I can't do this and I can't do that. It pains me that I even have to consider my actions who are in fact clear. I can be harrased but I can't defend myself? Because in the minds of my parents and grandparents, I would have to act how it seems appropriate and not right or straight forward. I am sure many of you were raised like this (I hope not though). 

I know the answer to the obvious 'why' but my question is different. Why women need to go through such situations in the first place? Don't give me crap such as 'well if you dress with all the skin showing, no wonder you attract such people' because nothing in this sentence points to me, for example. And I am sure in most cases, it points to such no other women too when facing mentioned situation. But I wouldn't mind to tap into this topic as well but it would require just as many words I have written so far (maybe some other time). 

I guess, I wanted to bring to you two main issues- first, having the ability to react however I want according to the positon I am in. And second, the problem that there even gets to this situation. We should all have freedom we rightfully deserve and be allowed to walk freely, wear what we want and not being judged or attacked for it. There are all sorts of harrasments out there and most victims are women. If you see someone who is being harrased or bullied or you know someone who stands on the other side, please act. Think carefully who is in fact poor and ill in such situations and help them. Or report the other guy. 

I would really love to know your opinion on this. Do you have a similar story to tell? Please share it in the comments below. 

xx Maja

Who Are You Competing With | Monday Motivation

A lot of times we look at others to see how successful they are and when we see that they're better than us, an invisible force pushes us to react. You can take action and work hard on your own personal growth department to be able to compete with the status your neighbour, co-worker or school colleague has. Part of us wakens something inside which makes us compete and compare. When friendly competition turns into obssession, it is time to pause. 

Ask yourself. 
What made you start comparing yourself with someone to? If that 'someone' is your friend and you have a rule where you push each other's limit, then you're lucky. Having such support is most welcome and as long as your competition is innocent, you should continue to see what you can achieve.
"There is nothing wrong if you want to become just as successful, but you have to have in mind that it is not about the final destination- it is about the roadtrip."

Styling Whites

White-on-white is a part of fashion statement I admire seeing on others. Look cannot be more simple, minimalistic and clean than that. I personally avoid wearing white trousers or jeans but I will have to step out of the box because I think I am missing a lot. πŸ˜‰

How To Wear Pleated Trend

Even though we are used to seeing pleats on skirts, they are not the same as girls' school uniform. Out on the streets, many have been rocking this trend. The trend comes in form of skirts, jumpers, trousers but it can also cover only a part of a clothing piece- sleeves for example. I see it mostly on skirts with various colour schemes, lenghts and size- micro pleats, I am sure you're seen those too.

Summer Clothing Sales 2017


I hope you all have been saving because some pretty items are on sale and you better hurry to grab your favourites while they're on stock. You can check out some of my selections below. Happy shopping! 

Avon Pink Summer

First day of summer is here and with that I have a new post for you. First of all, I have a good reason for being MIA. Yesterday I had taken last exam ever! And I was putting all my energy into it so I could pass. The results aren't here yet but the thought of being so close to the end of this era is indescribable. When I look back and think that I (like most of us out there) went to school for twenty years! It is impossible to imagine life without it as I am waiting for this final thought to really sink in- I know it will hit me maybe in a year or two but definitely not now.

Summer Pamper Routine

I keep changing my routine, either in the morning or evening. For some period it sticks but then I switch to something else. Right now I have a thing for gentle scents. On the other hand, it is a time to pull out products rich with coconut incorporated ingredient. I keep coconut flavoured hand sanitizer (from Balea) with me at all times and whenever I use it, my friends want a piece of it. Not for its purpose but for its lovely essence. 

Dove brand hasn't received any bad remarks from my side and with a chance to try out new duo from Purely Pampering enriched with coconut milk and jasmine petals. You can smell jasmine right away and it helps creating calm atmosphere. It is creamy and a little goes a long way in its case. You don't need much to get bubbly loofa. 😊 

How To Wear Metallics

Wearing metallics can be bold and that's why can also represent a challenge of styling. I would stress out that less is more. Having one metallic piece is already enough and you can start from there slowly, adding statement accessories. 

1. Metallic jacket I wore here is leather-like from Zuiki that I was glad to have found when I was in Italy. It's cropped but has nice touches such as gold zippers on both sleeves and a belt at the bottom. It is an attractive piece and statement too. I could have it styled as the heart of the outfit and leave everything else casual. 

Best Summer Nail Varnish

I belong to those ninety percent (*made up number) of the people who wear darks on their nails only during cold seasons and brights during warm seasons. But I have an affection for painting my nails in various colours every other time. When it comes to the polishes, I think you can never have too many shades (the same goes for lipsticks). I have aquired summer appropriate polishes from different but high street brands and my popular has to be the duet from Kiko Milano. 

Styling summer velvet top & embroidery bag

Adventures hide in different forms. To some it can be an action, full of adrenaline such as bungee jumping or skydiving. To others, it can be discovering new places or new things... either way, it brings us joy and makes us richer. 

On Sunday we were headed to one direction but on our way there we saw a ruin on the hill. We had no idea what it was, I admit, that is how much I know the surroundings. But we had time and our curiosity needed to be satisfied. πŸ˜‰ We inserted a route to the GPS and headed there. We parked a little away and walked all the way up.

How to Set Up Your Goals | Monday Motivation

Short term goals

I know I am efficient with shorter time range setting goals because they're close to achieve and I won't get bored with the same routine again and again without seeing the results soon. So admittedly, those are the goals I know I will accomplish for sure. 

Let's say I need to know what to do this week in order to prepare for Friday's exam. I will make a table of hourly schedule where I will fill in the time I have for studying and what chapter I will start with and how many I need to cover until then. Once I set up the time and the pages to learn everyday, I set up the mind to follow the plan. I allow myself free time in between the studying so I give my mind a break and to recharge. And most importantly, I stop when I overexert myself. I know it won't do any good if I can't focus. The pages I scroll, won't count as 'passed' because I took no notice of them. That is why it is fine to finish beforehand. If you didn't meet today's goal, it is possible that you planned too much for the day. You can still meet the outlined outcome.

Affordable lenses: Visiomax Contact lenses

'What? You wear lenses?' I wish I didn't. πŸ‘“ I had a long break from lenses since the beginning of Uni. My eyes were continuously irritated and that is when I knew I needed a time-off. Not too long ago I purchased new ones from dm drugstore once I saw a review in a fellow blogger’s post. I picked up two different ones as I don't have the same dioptre. You can buy them separately just for this reason and in case you lose one you don't need to empty your wallet for a 6-pack of lenses for both eyes.

What they offer in dm stores
In the shop you can find daily and monthly contact lenses. Monthly lenses offer a selection of dioptre from -1.00 to -6.50 and daily lenses have dioptre from -0.75 to -5.00 (with 0.25 intervals in between). The price for each monthly lens is 3,5 € (dm Slovenija). Selection of contact solutions is divided into: CombiSolution, CombiSolution with Hyaluron, Sodium Chloride Solution, CombiSolution Super and PeroxideSolution Comfort Super. All are in 360 ml but you can find CombiSolution Super in 60 ml packaging as well. Price range is from 5-10 €. And lastly, you can find a container box for lenses for 2 €. 

My picks
I am short-sighted and with -3.25 on my right eye and -3.50 on my left eye I need to wear glasses all the time (unless I want to embarrass myself by calling a stranger out on the street. Which happened. πŸ˜† I thought it was my friend). I have chosen monthly lenses for starters. 

Monday Motivation | Keep pushing on and don't quit

Happy Monday and welcome to a new week and with that- a new blog post. You will be seeing more of posts on positivity and personal stories in it. I want to share my own uncomfortable and embarrassing happenings and what I learned from it. In a way I am hoping to show you that we are all only humans, we have good days and we have bad days. In the end it is all about how you react and what you take from it. 

Beauty Bits: Avon Luxe

In the package I received via mail not long ago hid all eye makeup products. As I cannot focus on my face while I have dry patches around my nose, I always love testing out eye makeup and lip products. This time I am bringing you Avon Luxe range that looks very luxurious and is something I would display on my vanity (if I had one πŸ™Š).

Travel With Me: One Day, Three Cities | Italy

On Saturday I had a whole day reserved just for the touristic activities in the neighboring Italy. After a four hour drive we arrived at a location that holds many beautiful places, amongst them were Torri Del Benaco, Sirmione and Verona that I went to see. 

Torri Del Benaco
Early in the morning we had a fresh start in Torri Del Benaco, a small town by the Lake Garda in Italy. The place offered quite a few sights even with such a small settlement. We started our journey from Castello Scaligero that hides The Scaliger Castle Museum. The castle itself was restored a few times before and today's appearrance was built originally in 14th Century, in place of older ruins. That makes it more than seven hundred years old!

Styling High Low Hemline Shirt

When high low hemline trend first came out, I didn't purchase anything in such fashion. I didn't feel attracted to wear it in dress form which is what every shop stocked upon. I don't mind wearing statement pieces that are out of fashion or old season as long as they're statement, my style and wearable. I found this black shirt with long hemline at the back and was deciding if I should purchase it and how would I wear it. Eventually, after trying it on, I went for it which turned out a good decision.

Blush Blouse

Happy Monday! I am writing this post on Sunday and in a rush because I would like to fully enjoy this beautiful day. Some of you might know (insta muffins) that I have purchased another lens which has been tested for the first time in today's post.

Black Crop Top & Brown Blazer

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was a bliss and you're now ready for a new week. I am most energetic when sunshine walks across the sky. I ove this season and I think you can tell. 😊 If we put aside the fact that I have a snotty nose and can't hear anything through my left ear, I am content right now. 

Striped Blue Shirt & Bell Sleeves

Last time I wore a top with bell sleeves was when I was thirteen years old (7th grade). We were visiting friends in Germany and one day we were checking out clothing stores and I fell in love with one black top with very thin white stripes and quite wide bell pleated sleeves. Oh, how proud I wore that top! It was so special to me and no one else had anything like it which made it even more precious. I know the sleeves made it challenging to eat and it was hard to avoid dipping them in everything on the table but as long it looked good on, I felt good.

How To Style Flared Jeans

Many out there rave about 70s fashion coming back but my closest encounter to this special decade is That 70's Show where Mila Kunis's fashion sense made anyone envious. Not everyone can look that good in a loose blouse, braided headband and flared jeans. But there are a few tips on how we can modernize it into current decade, in my opinion that is an even better challenge. 😊

Black and Grey

Hello and hope you're having a good week so far! If everything is in order, then by now I am sitting patiently in the cinema hall, waiting for the start of Beauty and the Beast. This post is pre-written and scheduled and even the network failure couldn't stop it from uploading (local network failure anyway). If you're one of the early birds who has seen the movie tell me, did you liked it? 

Tripping in Idrija

Instead of travelling for a few days and far away to a different country, this weekend we chose Idrija area to explore. To think of it, you can find treasures nearer home you haven't discovered yet. We chose Idrija county because there are several sights closer to each other and we planned to see a few.

New from C&A

New season, new excuse for shopping? As long as you keep it under restriction. 😏 I have been enjoying all the vlogs and insta stories from Fashion Weeks and finding inspiration. I am upgrading my wardrobe but keeping it simple with latest trip to the mall. I have grabbed a few items but I kept a few away from this post so I can encourage your curiosity to wait for ootds.

Spring Transitioning

Transitioning, lightweight jackets and trenchcoats along with cardigans are coming out of the wardrobe. Where I live, it is still chilly in the morning but in the afternoon you can enjoy a very nice day (even more with the sun out). In such cases it may not be sufficient to ditch the padded jacket and walk around in a sweater, so another layer comes in handy. 

The main thing I like about cardigans, is the thickness (since they're (in most cases) woven) providing a good amount of warmth as a shield from the cold. Secondly, I choose only those that are thigh or knee lenght because it covers a great portion of your body, sort of making it isolated. And also, it looks like a coat and if you choose a beautiful one, then it is a win purchase.

10 Recent Beauty & Makeup Items I Purchased

Getting a gift card is always welcomed but I know even if I got a small or big amount on it, I will still get overboard with my purchases. Especially when it comes to makeup. I managed to buy only what I needed the most, with one exception that was on sale and I was curious to try it (since it was a hair product of a brand I trust).
I am a faithful user of essence, there is no denying it. I own a brow duo set powder since forever and not too long ago I purchased a jumbo eyebrow pencil (see it here). As if I don't have enough brow makeup sets, I dearly wanted to own an eyebrow gel. For those who don't know, my most precious part of the face are my eyebrows. Hence the need to test or buy brow products. I know this is a haul post but I am proud to say I have tried it out and was satisfied with the application and durability. It has a wet feeling when applying it on but it dries out and stays in place for a long time. To top off my brow collection, I purchased a spoolie from Body&Soul for combing my brows before applying anything.

How I Style Faux Fur Jacket

About a month ago I received this beautiful Orsay faux fur jacket from my mum and sister and I have worn it three times, two times (including today) you can see it on my blog. It is a shame that I can't get more use of it this winter as temperatures are rising and spring is starting to show (which frankly I don't mind). 

1. Every time I wear it I need high waisted jeans because the jacket is cropped short and doesn't even cover my bum (don't mind my realistically explanations). If you are model height then the jeans choice may be irrelevant to you. As I am petite, low waisted trousers would shorthen my legs even more and make me looking like a dwarf.