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Faux Fur Jacket

Orsay can sometimes really impress and surprise me. It wasn't that long ago when I stumbled upon a great deal for my red bag purchase. Then a few months ago I have found this faux fur jacket that looks a good quality for an even better price. I also went to Orsay only a few days ago and found an amazing pair of trousers but let's get a grip. 😛 Maybe I will still have a chance to present them on blog.

Unlike bomber jacket I have shown in my previous post, this one is a proper winter jacket. Since it's collarless, I'd advise you to wear something around your neck. Otherwise, it is warm and suffices for cold temperatures. Earthy, natural tones aren't popping too much and since the jacket itself is quite a head-turner, you don't need to worry to attract too much attention (unless that is your goal). 
Would you wear faux fur jacket or does it seem as 'too much'? 

Have a great week ahead! 
xx Maja


  1. You look wonderful :)
    I am most delighted your fur :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by :) xx

  2. Love the jacket and the boots!

  3. Amei teu blog, já está na minha lista de blogs favoritos.
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  4. The look was wonderful.
    Great combinations.

  5. I don't like furs for myself but faux fur is acceptable. In in your style somehow stylish. Very nice muting the vibrant coat with other, more 'common' items

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. Your coat is really cool! :) xx


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xx Maja