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Birthday Celebration

This Tuesday I invited my circle of friends for a little soirée in the evening where I provided the food of course, drinks, decorations and board games. I was happy to see everyone took time to come and hang out. It was the first time I organized something like this gathering (all friends in one place, I mean).

At six o'clock in the evening, everyone was right on time while I struggled a bit around last bits of decoration and Leja thankfully heped with the last bits of cooking. I kept the feast simple with finger bites such as garlic bread (yum!), salty muffins and pizza rolls. On the sweet side, I provided the table with gummy candy (my favourite), Bajadera pralines, jaffa cakes and juicy cakes. In the end we also tried the cheese cake that didn't go well by the recipe but in the end turned out better than expected. Of course, I could skip my cake if I had known my mum and Leja had a surprise cake prepared. Thank you to you both! 😁 

I am happy how everything turned out and glad to have such a diverse circle of friends. Here's to another year! 
And of course, thank you for sticking around on this blog yet another year 💜 Happy weekend! 

xx Maja


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xx Maja