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Spring Transitioning

Transitioning, lightweight jackets and trenchcoats along with cardigans are coming out of the wardrobe. Where I live, it is still chilly in the morning but in the afternoon you can enjoy a very nice day (even more with the sun out). In such cases it may not be sufficient to ditch the padded jacket and walk around in a sweater, so another layer comes in handy. 

The main thing I like about cardigans, is the thickness (since they're (in most cases) woven) providing a good amount of warmth as a shield from the cold. Secondly, I choose only those that are thigh or knee lenght because it covers a great portion of your body, sort of making it isolated. And also, it looks like a coat and if you choose a beautiful one, then it is a win purchase.

I am fond of thin coats and trenchcoats are the symbol of spring fashion. Finely tailored to suit your body shape with a few details to pop out and a light coloured base are classic ones. Pieces in beige, camel or black are the primary choices but lately you can find other colours as well, khaki the most frequent to see in shops. 

Jackets are my favourite to wear in spring (even in autumn). There are so many to choose from and to style. It seems as if with every season, there is a new invention or one that comes back from the past. For example, in this season one stands out in particular and those are suede jackets. But there are others, bomber jackets, varsity, denim, (faux) leather... you name it. And I'd wear them all, each on a different day of the week. 

What is your type of outerwear you like to style in spring? 

Happy week ahead,
xx Maja


  1. WOW! This outfit is amazing. Also, you is so beautiful. This cardigan is perfect. I like it.


    1. You're sweet 😊 Thank you for your kind words. xx

  2. You look elegant in your cardigan.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. You look fantastic :)

  4. Nice look. Great coat and bag.

  5. You look super, great jacket x


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