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Striped Blue Shirt & Bell Sleeves

Last time I wore a top with bell sleeves was when I was thirteen years old (7th grade). We were visiting friends in Germany and one day we were checking out clothing stores and I fell in love with one black top with very thin white stripes and quite wide bell pleated sleeves. Oh, how proud I wore that top! It was so special to me and no one else had anything like it which made it even more precious. I know the sleeves made it challenging to eat and it was hard to avoid dipping them in everything on the table but as long it looked good on, I felt good.

Since then I saw no return of such similarity until this year. It was strange seeing this trend back again but I like the modernized version and slimmer sleeves (it honestly is hard to manage whatever you do without flopping them at everything that stands in their way). Surely, there are various options but I find this particular striped shirt from H&M great for me. 

It fits well and is slightly cropped but I can still wear it with low-waist jeans. Spring vibe is felt through blue and white stripes with red detailing of a quote: never look back. In case you need to feel empowered for the day. 💪😛

How do you feel on this trend of bell sleeves? Is this the first time you see it or you too have a similar experience of wearing it? 

Thank you for reading! 
I hope you aren't ill in bed as I am. Take care, 
xx Maja


  1. I like this classy but modern look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. You look great:)

  3. I like this! You look amazing♥

  4. The sleeves are fantastic, love those :) x

  5. Nice casual take on styling a shirt! Loving the sleeve details and added embroidery!

    Isobel x

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