Styling High Low Hemline Shirt

When high low hemline trend first came out, I didn't purchase anything in such fashion. I didn't feel attracted to wear it in dress form which is what every shop stocked upon. I don't mind wearing statement pieces that are out of fashion or old season as long as they're statement, my style and wearable. I found this black shirt with long hemline at the back and was deciding if I should purchase it and how would I wear it. Eventually, after trying it on, I went for it which turned out a good decision.

Blush Blouse

Happy Monday! I am writing this post on Sunday and in a rush because I would like to fully enjoy this beautiful day. Some of you might know (insta muffins) that I have purchased another lens which has been tested for the first time in today's post.

Black Crop Top & Brown Blazer

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was a bliss and you're now ready for a new week. I am most energetic when sunshine walks across the sky. I ove this season and I think you can tell. 😊 If we put aside the fact that I have a snotty nose and can't hear anything through my left ear, I am content right now.