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Blush Blouse

Happy Monday! I am writing this post on Sunday and in a rush because I would like to fully enjoy this beautiful day. Some of you might know (insta muffins) that I have purchased another lens which has been tested for the first time in today's post.
It is a full manual lens which will be a challenge to get used to because we are familiar with our older lens that did the focusing for you. Of course, it didn't do all the work but it made it easier. 

First thing both Leja and I noticed is how sharp the photos can be- which I value the most when it comes to photography. And if you remember, my previous photos weren't as crisp as I wanted them to be. For starters, first photographing for blog went well and I am very satisfied with how the photos turned out. 😊

Have a good week ahead! 
xx Maja


  1. You look great:)

  2. So adorable<3
    Lovely pale blush blouse*-*

  3. Your outfit is so cute! Happy Easter! :) xx

  4. Thank you dear :) Happy Easter :) xx


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xx Maja