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Styling High Low Hemline Shirt

When high low hemline trend first came out, I didn't purchase anything in such fashion. I didn't feel attracted to wear it in dress form which is what every shop stocked upon. I don't mind wearing statement pieces that are out of fashion or old season as long as they're statement, my style and wearable. I found this black shirt with long hemline at the back and was deciding if I should purchase it and how would I wear it. Eventually, after trying it on, I went for it which turned out a good decision.
In this styling which is a mixture of casual and chic style I paired the shirt with jeans and a pair of white sneakers. With such monotone colour sheme I almost needed an accessory. Such statement necklace can be in some outfits too bulky but for this one, it was perfect. If I had even bigger, chunkier necklace, I'd consider wearing that one instead. 

A 'bag' rule to follow
Of course, if you want a dressier option, there is always a way to wear pumps or open toe wedges (summer edition). I'd personally go for chunky high heels since I feel most comfortable wearing those. As for the purse or a bag, I think any bag would go nice with such shirt, as long as you stick with "big-handle" and "small-strap" rule. I don't know if it exists and under what name but I follow it when I don't want a bag to cover up an entire outfit. If I carry a small bag, then I wear it on the shoulder (if there is a chain or a strap) because small bags don't cover you entirely and can stick out as a nice detail or accessory. And if I have a big bag, then I place it in my hand so it can be shown properly without hiding my look. 
Do you have a certain rule concerning how to carry a bag? 

Have a nice day! 
xx Maja

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  1. I like your blouse;)


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