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How To Wear Metallics

Wearing metallics can be bold and that's why can also represent a challenge of styling. I would stress out that less is more. Having one metallic piece is already enough and you can start from there slowly, adding statement accessories. 

1. Metallic jacket I wore here is leather-like from Zuiki that I was glad to have found when I was in Italy. It's cropped but has nice touches such as gold zippers on both sleeves and a belt at the bottom. It is an attractive piece and statement too. I could have it styled as the heart of the outfit and leave everything else casual. 

Best Summer Nail Varnish

I belong to those ninety percent (*made up number) of the people who wear darks on their nails only during cold seasons and brights during warm seasons. But I have an affection for painting my nails in various colours every other time. When it comes to the polishes, I think you can never have too many shades (the same goes for lipsticks). I have aquired summer appropriate polishes from different but high street brands and my popular has to be the duet from Kiko Milano. 

Styling summer velvet top & embroidery bag

Adventures hide in different forms. To some it can be an action, full of adrenaline such as bungee jumping or skydiving. To others, it can be discovering new places or new things... either way, it brings us joy and makes us richer. 

On Sunday we were headed to one direction but on our way there we saw a ruin on the hill. We had no idea what it was, I admit, that is how much I know the surroundings. But we had time and our curiosity needed to be satisfied. 😉 We inserted a route to the GPS and headed there. We parked a little away and walked all the way up.

How to Set Up Your Goals | Monday Motivation

Short term goals

I know I am efficient with shorter time range setting goals because they're close to achieve and I won't get bored with the same routine again and again without seeing the results soon. So admittedly, those are the goals I know I will accomplish for sure. 

Let's say I need to know what to do this week in order to prepare for Friday's exam. I will make a table of hourly schedule where I will fill in the time I have for studying and what chapter I will start with and how many I need to cover until then. Once I set up the time and the pages to learn everyday, I set up the mind to follow the plan. I allow myself free time in between the studying so I give my mind a break and to recharge. And most importantly, I stop when I overexert myself. I know it won't do any good if I can't focus. The pages I scroll, won't count as 'passed' because I took no notice of them. That is why it is fine to finish beforehand. If you didn't meet today's goal, it is possible that you planned too much for the day. You can still meet the outlined outcome.

Affordable lenses: Visiomax Contact lenses

'What? You wear lenses?' I wish I didn't. 👓 I had a long break from lenses since the beginning of Uni. My eyes were continuously irritated and that is when I knew I needed a time-off. Not too long ago I purchased new ones from dm drugstore once I saw a review in a fellow blogger’s post. I picked up two different ones as I don't have the same dioptre. You can buy them separately just for this reason and in case you lose one you don't need to empty your wallet for a 6-pack of lenses for both eyes.

What they offer in dm stores
In the shop you can find daily and monthly contact lenses. Monthly lenses offer a selection of dioptre from -1.00 to -6.50 and daily lenses have dioptre from -0.75 to -5.00 (with 0.25 intervals in between). The price for each monthly lens is 3,5 € (dm Slovenija). Selection of contact solutions is divided into: CombiSolution, CombiSolution with Hyaluron, Sodium Chloride Solution, CombiSolution Super and PeroxideSolution Comfort Super. All are in 360 ml but you can find CombiSolution Super in 60 ml packaging as well. Price range is from 5-10 €. And lastly, you can find a container box for lenses for 2 €. 

My picks
I am short-sighted and with -3.25 on my right eye and -3.50 on my left eye I need to wear glasses all the time (unless I want to embarrass myself by calling a stranger out on the street. Which happened. 😆 I thought it was my friend). I have chosen monthly lenses for starters. 

Monday Motivation | Keep pushing on and don't quit

Happy Monday and welcome to a new week and with that- a new blog post. You will be seeing more of posts on positivity and personal stories in it. I want to share my own uncomfortable and embarrassing happenings and what I learned from it. In a way I am hoping to show you that we are all only humans, we have good days and we have bad days. In the end it is all about how you react and what you take from it. 

Beauty Bits: Avon Luxe

In the package I received via mail not long ago hid all eye makeup products. As I cannot focus on my face while I have dry patches around my nose, I always love testing out eye makeup and lip products. This time I am bringing you Avon Luxe range that looks very luxurious and is something I would display on my vanity (if I had one 🙊).

Travel With Me: One Day, Three Cities | Italy

On Saturday I had a whole day reserved just for the touristic activities in the neighboring Italy. After a four hour drive we arrived at a location that holds many beautiful places, amongst them were Torri Del Benaco, Sirmione and Verona that I went to see. 

Torri Del Benaco
Early in the morning we had a fresh start in Torri Del Benaco, a small town by the Lake Garda in Italy. The place offered quite a few sights even with such a small settlement. We started our journey from Castello Scaligero that hides The Scaliger Castle Museum. The castle itself was restored a few times before and today's appearrance was built originally in 14th Century, in place of older ruins. That makes it more than seven hundred years old!