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Affordable lenses: Visiomax Contact lenses

'What? You wear lenses?' I wish I didn't. 👓 I had a long break from lenses since the beginning of Uni. My eyes were continuously irritated and that is when I knew I needed a time-off. Not too long ago I purchased new ones from dm drugstore once I saw a review in a fellow blogger’s post. I picked up two different ones as I don't have the same dioptre. You can buy them separately just for this reason and in case you lose one you don't need to empty your wallet for a 6-pack of lenses for both eyes.

What they offer in dm stores
In the shop you can find daily and monthly contact lenses. Monthly lenses offer a selection of dioptre from -1.00 to -6.50 and daily lenses have dioptre from -0.75 to -5.00 (with 0.25 intervals in between). The price for each monthly lens is 3,5 € (dm Slovenija). Selection of contact solutions is divided into: CombiSolution, CombiSolution with Hyaluron, Sodium Chloride Solution, CombiSolution Super and PeroxideSolution Comfort Super. All are in 360 ml but you can find CombiSolution Super in 60 ml packaging as well. Price range is from 5-10 €. And lastly, you can find a container box for lenses for 2 €. 

My picks
I am short-sighted and with -3.25 on my right eye and -3.50 on my left eye I need to wear glasses all the time (unless I want to embarrass myself by calling a stranger out on the street. Which happened. 😆 I thought it was my friend). I have chosen monthly lenses for starters. 

Contact solution was a random pick. I was recommended all; they're not specifically different. I chose CombiSolution Super that comes in a box and with a lens container (otherwise you need to buy a container separately). If you want a full disinfection then use Visiomax Peroxide Solution Comfort Super. I never had troubles with dirty lenses- they were always clean after a few hours of soaking in the solution. My habit is to wear lenses during the day and leave them in a container over the night. Visiomax Combination Solution Super is focused on cleaning the soft contact lenses, on removing the proteins off of them and disinfection. It is said to be great for any lenses, even those from other manufacturers but personally I haven’t tried this since I bought lenses from the same manufacturer- eyelike GmbH for dm drogeriemarkt.

Visiomax lenses were truly worth purchasing and after a month passes, I will repurchase them. As any other lenses, I don’t prolong the wear and I find that the best time of wearing them is 8-10 hours before I will feel them dry. These are comfortable to wear and it seems they are built to conduct or to repel air from the lens and retain water in them. I can go for several hours without noticing I have lenses on because they don’t bother me and they don’t stick when eyes move (real problem!). I had a constant problem of such with all my previous lenses from Johnson and Johnson and those were supposed to be the best quality. Another proof that cheap doesn’t necessarily means poor quality. 
What is your experience with lenses? 
Or you a lucky chap and have the sight on an eagle? 😏

Have a nice weekend, 
xx Maja


  1. Sem očitno ena redkih, ki mi njihove leče niso odgovarjale, sem imela občutek da čutim rob in da me "režejo" :/ Uporabljam pa od Johnson & Johnson že od zadnjega leta osnovne šole in nikoli nisem imela težav z njimi :)

    1. Zgleda da je pri nama situacija ravno obratna xD meni so Johnsonove leče hitro izsušile oči in sem se potem po cele dneve matrala z njimi, ker so oči bile nonstop pod pritiskom, tudi če sem jih redno vlažila s kapljicami.


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