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Best Summer Nail Varnish

I belong to those ninety percent (*made up number) of the people who wear darks on their nails only during cold seasons and brights during warm seasons. But I have an affection for painting my nails in various colours every other time. When it comes to the polishes, I think you can never have too many shades (the same goes for lipsticks). I have aquired summer appropriate polishes from different but high street brands and my popular has to be the duet from Kiko Milano. 

All of them need two coats of application and the lasting time is similar for all. The polish lasts quite long- about four days before it starts to chip but lately I don't use top coat with any nail polish which is a good remark. Avon has left me speechless because today is the fifth day and it still maintains on my nails. Scroll down to see the top five. Don't forget to leave your comment and tell me which one do you like. 💜

Depend Nail Polish - number 442 // Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish - 55 Flamenco Girl

Kiko Milano Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer - 23 // Kiko Milano Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer - 36

Avon True Colour BB 7 in 1 - Perfect Pink
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  1. AnonymousMay 27, 2017

    Maja, great post. Nail polish is very nice, and it is very good for summer. I like it.

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  3. So on the off chance that you are dependent on red, pick cranberry red this mid year.different shapes of nails


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