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Monday Motivation | Keep pushing on and don't quit

Happy Monday and welcome to a new week and with that- a new blog post. You will be seeing more of posts on positivity and personal stories in it. I want to share my own uncomfortable and embarrassing happenings and what I learned from it. In a way I am hoping to show you that we are all only humans, we have good days and we have bad days. In the end it is all about how you react and what you take from it. 

Heaviest rain
Last year in March I was done with most of my exams for my Masters (I have two left) and I was feeling comfortable and ready to get in the field of searching for a full-time job. In Slovenia students have an option to do part-time jobs or full-time jobs but they don't count as employed as a regular worker. Employer would pay less tax for you hence why everyone wants to give a job to a student. Regular worker costs more and employer needs to pay other contributions such as pension and health insurance, break time, transportation to work and vacation days- for women also one year pregnancy leave and for men 1 month of pregnancy leave. 

At a time I wasn't setting my goals high, I was a newbie and I wanted to work a few months to get work habits. In May I got invited to the first interview and it was for a student's job. I didn't receive any reply. This is also a custom here, if it's an offer for a student's job, it is very likely that you won't get a reply on acceptance. You can wait for months wondering if the job is already taken. Until summer I got no other replies on my applications- any whatsoever. 

In summer my parents bought an apartment for rent on Airbnb and I agreed to help them out since I had free time on my hands- I cleaned the apartment, communicated with guests and welcomed them in the apartment. Almost every day I did a routine where I'd go to the city and be occupied with cleaning and waiting for tourists. Months passed by and I was still sending my resume to companies. I got invited to another interview but I was ill at the time and couldn't participate in it. Of course I couldn't reschedule. 

It was ninth month when there were not so many tourists to welcome and I had A LOT of spare time. It is easiest time for your subconscious to creep in with the darkest thoughts. I was starting to accept that I will remain home for a long time. Don't get me wrong- I had this occupancy with the apartment but I wasn't actually employed- I was merely helping my parents out. But at the time I was 25 and people my age have jobs, apartments of their own and cars. What did I have? Again, when you're left alone with your thought, it's difficult to see positivity. But I kept sending my CV. Because one good thought remained and it was one hundred percent right: »You can't stay forever in one place.«

New dawn
In December I was about my usual routine, sending emails around and at this time I was so used to non-replies, I said I had nothing to lose anyway. In the middle of December I was invited to an interview very close to home. I wasn't worrying about it because my feelings and expectations were so neutral at this point. A weekend before Christmas I went with my parents to visit family. I needed to recharge and forget about everything that was and wasn't happening. It was Sunday when I opened my emails and in inbox it said »1 new email«. I only remember a gush of feelings swiping over me because the email said I've been accepted to a job and could come work on the 3rd January. It seemed as if I was facing a new dawn. I had million plans in my head suddenly, twice as much places to be and people I wanted to inform.

In the end I knew I had to keep going and keep pushing through. It is so easy to give up, I know. Especially when you don't see results in longer period of time. The difference between one and another is that if you quit, that is it. The end of road. If you lose hope, you are at the final destination where it's difficult to get out of. But if you keep pushing the road can either continue forward or split up to many more.
I made this post based on a personal story but it can relate to any situation that represents difficulty to you. Whenever you feel as if you're stuck, don't panic and don't walk away if it's important to you. If you're in a fight with someone and it lasts too long, call them. If you can't get in shape, switch the exercise routine. If you just can't perfect your cooking, try something easier and build it up slowly from there.

Tell me how you deal with difficult times? Do you have certain habits you go over whenever you feel down?
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Thank you for reading. I will talk to you on Friday with a regular post.
xx Maja


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