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Styling Whites

White-on-white is a part of fashion statement I admire seeing on others. Look cannot be more simple, minimalistic and clean than that. I personally avoid wearing white trousers or jeans but I will have to step out of the box because I think I am missing a lot. 😉

How To Wear Pleated Trend

Even though we are used to seeing pleats on skirts, they are not the same as girls' school uniform. Out on the streets, many have been rocking this trend. The trend comes in form of skirts, jumpers, trousers but it can also cover only a part of a clothing piece- sleeves for example. I see it mostly on skirts with various colour schemes, lenghts and size- micro pleats, I am sure you're seen those too.

Summer Clothing Sales 2017


I hope you all have been saving because some pretty items are on sale and you better hurry to grab your favourites while they're on stock. You can check out some of my selections below. Happy shopping! 

Avon Pink Summer

First day of summer is here and with that I have a new post for you. First of all, I have a good reason for being MIA. Yesterday I had taken last exam ever! And I was putting all my energy into it so I could pass. The results aren't here yet but the thought of being so close to the end of this era is indescribable. When I look back and think that I (like most of us out there) went to school for twenty years! It is impossible to imagine life without it as I am waiting for this final thought to really sink in- I know it will hit me maybe in a year or two but definitely not now.

Summer Pamper Routine

I keep changing my routine, either in the morning or evening. For some period it sticks but then I switch to something else. Right now I have a thing for gentle scents. On the other hand, it is a time to pull out products rich with coconut incorporated ingredient. I keep coconut flavoured hand sanitizer (from Balea) with me at all times and whenever I use it, my friends want a piece of it. Not for its purpose but for its lovely essence. 

Dove brand hasn't received any bad remarks from my side and with a chance to try out new duo from Purely Pampering enriched with coconut milk and jasmine petals. You can smell jasmine right away and it helps creating calm atmosphere. It is creamy and a little goes a long way in its case. You don't need much to get bubbly loofa. 😊