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How To Wear Pleated Trend

Even though we are used to seeing pleats on skirts, they are not the same as girls' school uniform. Out on the streets, many have been rocking this trend. The trend comes in form of skirts, jumpers, trousers but it can also cover only a part of a clothing piece- sleeves for example. I see it mostly on skirts with various colour schemes, lenghts and size- micro pleats, I am sure you're seen those too.
I acquired a pair of culottes from Bershka not long ago with micro pleats. It is in fact two-in-one trend, culottes are a big hit this season too and everyone loves how breezy they can be. While bigger pleats can automatically widen your figure, micro pleats act as thin vertical stripes and have the same illusion. This only applies until the pleats start to stretch out and loose elasticity.  
Colour blocked
Both horizontal or vertical colour blocked skirts are out there with two or more various colours involved in one piece. The choice depends on your personal style but I'd recommend vertically coloured skirts to give an optical hack of a slimmer figure. 
Metallic trend went bigger this year and I hope it stays on the scene for a while. If you want to see my tips on how to style metallics, go see my post on How To Wear Metallics. It was a mere coincidence that I purchased this metallic pleated skirt last September. I knew pleats were popular then too and I needed something new for the fashion show (see the post here). Again, I am proud to have found two-in-one trendy piece. 
To Go With
I have focused on bottoms in this post but the tips can apply for tops as well. When it comes to trousers and skirts, you can wear shirts with it. One option is to tuck the top or shirt in for best visibility of the bottom part. Second, you can opt for a crop top for easiest styling. If the situation is reverse and you wear let say, pleated shirt, then avoid tucking it in so you can prevent the pleats from creasing. 

Shop the trend

Which pleated piece do you find most attractive (in stores or on the runway)? 

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  1. You look great:)

  2. These are great tips. I am a massive fan of pleated skirts.

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  3. Beautiful outfit! I love your backpack! :)

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