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Styling Whites

White-on-white is a part of fashion statement I admire seeing on others. Look cannot be more simple, minimalistic and clean than that. I personally avoid wearing white trousers or jeans but I will have to step out of the box because I think I am missing a lot. 😉

1. Summer whites 
Light summery tops are my favourite pieces of white clothing to wear in the summer. Especially the one from Flowy Summer Top post. Its bonus is flowy material and when there is a breeze, I know I don't regret my decision of purchasing it. I'd like to skip white trousers but I do own two pairs of white jean shorts. Luckily, they're made of thicker material so I don't need to worry about my underwear showing through. That is the main quality I look for in white materials- to see if they're see-through. 
2. Accessories
Here I have in mind a white brim hat or a bag (or a backpack as in my case)- straw hats are a must-have in summer time anyway so why not include it in this category? You have plenty to choose from high-street clothing retail shops unless you have the budget to purchase Maison Michel designs (which are in fact very beautiful). 
3. Sneakers
I had to. White sneakers are incredibly wearable and popular. They give an instant 'wow' effect to the look- just keep them clean white for as long as you can. Dirty sneakers aren't attractive, unless you are wearing them to a festival. See my selection of white sneakers at the end of this post. 

Any tips of your own- how would you like to style a white piece? 

Talk to you on Monday. Happy weekend everyone! 
xx Maja

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  1. Divan post zaista! Fotkice su prekul. Obožavam bijelu boju! *----*

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