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Summer Pamper Routine

I keep changing my routine, either in the morning or evening. For some period it sticks but then I switch to something else. Right now I have a thing for gentle scents. On the other hand, it is a time to pull out products rich with coconut incorporated ingredient. I keep coconut flavoured hand sanitizer (from Balea) with me at all times and whenever I use it, my friends want a piece of it. Not for its purpose but for its lovely essence. 

Dove brand hasn't received any bad remarks from my side and with a chance to try out new duo from Purely Pampering enriched with coconut milk and jasmine petals. You can smell jasmine right away and it helps creating calm atmosphere. It is creamy and a little goes a long way in its case. You don't need much to get bubbly loofa. 😊 

With new addition of Oriflame Silk Beauty Roll-on Deodorant I have quite a selection of roll-on deodorants in bathroom cupboard right now. Citrusy scent from my CD deodorant is very much my style scent and I use it still (I plan to use up all of the six deodorants I own at the moment, no worries). But evening primrose oil is such a romantic essence I think. 

Generally, I am obssessed with body products and in summer I aquire all sorts of body lotions, creams, oils et cetera. I won't search for any other lotions unless I run out of this one. It has proven to be extremly lush with coconut. I admit, it needs a little while to soak in but only a little. The essence that hits the nostrils is incredible- it is as if coconut flakes are in the bottle, just waiting to be squeezed out. If I had to recommend you only one product of all of the above, I'd tell you to try this one. You won't regret it. 😉
Which products is your routine made of? 

Have an amazing day and I will talk to you soon. 
xx Maja


  1. I love Dove boys showers. They are so gentle to the skin.
    Her Hive

    1. That's why I love them 💜

  2. Coconut & cream linija res diši božansko :D


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