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Best of Summer Tops

Flares, fringes, embroidery, chiffon, palm trees print... all the possible choices you can get in form of a top. That is why summer is one of my favourite time to go crazy with styling outfits- there is just so many choices! If you are looking for time to get out of the box, now is the time. Try on crazy prints- stipes on stripes, pineapple printed top, florals from head to toe- anything that comes to your mind, it's there to test and see which store has more to offer. 

Jungle mania
I don't know which store department started this one first, homeware or clothing. Either way, both have incredible selections and everyone got hooked once this jungle mania began. 

Summer foods
Which one to pick is up to you. You've probably seen ice cream tees or banana and pineapples. It's nice that clothing retailers appreciate our love for food- now we can freely show it. 

Animal love
If you're lucky, you can find an aimal represented on your tee to match your inflatable floatie. Since flamingos are so instagramable, why not kill two birds with one stone? I probably shouldn't have written that. 😜 We love our animals.

This is tradition. Florals are here, always. Designers have come up with daring trend that puts anyone's confidence to tests (I am sure you know what I am writing about). I mean embroidery, mesh tops that are see through. I myself will admit these kind of tops require some sort of a tank top underneath from my side, but if you feel incredible confident, then definitely go for a pretty bralette or bra in the same colour tone. If you don't fit in any of these two categories, there are always classic choices of flower prints and this summer you may see added details, such as layered bell sleeves.

Which trend is your favourite? 

Thank you for reading, 
xx Maja


  1. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  2. Love the top you are wearing!!


    1. Thank you! It's from Stradivarius :)

  3. Divan post, draga! Kao i uvijek, divno izgledaš! *------*

    Novi outfit post ->

  4. I love all your outfit pics!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  5. Wonderful post, love it! ♥
    Maybe follow for follow? :)


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