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Embroidery Top and Orange Pop of Colour

Back in April was when I found this lovely gem. It reminded me of a piece brought from three hundred years that was modernized to be worn today. We are all aware that everything is about embroidery these days but I have a soft spot when old meets new. A few seasons ago it was when baroque style was seen on the runways and now it's embroidery in every size and shape.

I like the top's subdued colours which especially reminds me of 17th and 18th century when the embroidery became so popular and people wore it daily. The back ties with two ribbons that create a bow which is another nice little touch. 

Right because of this unactive play of colours I have decided to wear orange for a little notieceable pop of colour. It is something about orange that makes a great fashion statement, no matter in what form. 

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Tell me, do you like embroidery in this new, modern era? 
xx Maja


  1. The baag is sooo cute, I love it!!!
    xx Anna

  2. Miraculously you look. You have a lovely blouse;)

  3. You are looking great, such a lovely style xo

  4. I love the colour of the bag and the shoes!



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