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Who Are You Competing With | Monday Motivation

A lot of times we look at others to see how successful they are and when we see that they're better than us, an invisible force pushes us to react. You can take action and work hard on your own personal growth department to be able to compete with the status your neighbour, co-worker or school colleague has. Part of us wakens something inside which makes us compete and compare. When friendly competition turns into obssession, it is time to pause. 

Ask yourself. 
What made you start comparing yourself with someone to? If that 'someone' is your friend and you have a rule where you push each other's limit, then you're lucky. Having such support is most welcome and as long as your competition is innocent, you should continue to see what you can achieve.
"There is nothing wrong if you want to become just as successful, but you have to have in mind that it is not about the final destination- it is about the roadtrip."

When you start competing with someone you don't like or someone who has years of succes ahead of you and you want to be like them in a short time, then press pause. Because this closely reminds of jealousy. We all admire at least one influencer on instagram who travels every month and who is given incredible opprtunities to work with high-end brands. There is something missing from such a person's profile description- start date of working as an influencer, their first paycheck, first travel destination and so on. There is nothing wrong if you want to become just as successful, but you have to have in mind that it is not about the final destination- it is about the roadtrip. 
The roadtrip. 
Once you settle on what you want to accomplish, you need to settle on ways of how to achieve it. Now you know if your co-worker got a raise, you don't need to overexhause yourself into hours of overtime so you can get one too. You will get frustrated and with such restless mind, you can't achieve much. Focus on what you aready do well and what you can improve. Do you forget things easily? Write it down in a notebook and keep it with you so you can check it often. Your tasks will be accomplished on time and you can focus on a next one. 
Final destination. 
As you reach the final destination, you can take a break. Reward, even. You deserved it. But you do not have to stop here. Get your mind focused on another goal- remember, you don't have to get obssessed with it. Work at your own pace and you will get it done best. It is quality over quantity, right? In the end, it is YOU who you are competing with. You want to be better than you were yesterday. 
Let me know your thoughts on competing? 

As always, thank you for reading. 
xx Maja


  1. Comparison is the thief of joy. Sadly it is something that we often can't control.

    Her Hive

    1. I completely agree. It can bring us down so easy and we have to fight it. Thanks for sharing your opinion :)

  2. You look great:)

  3. Nice look. Beautyful shoes.

  4. Veoma inspirativan post, draga! Hvala što si svoje misli podijelila sa nama! Uživala sam čitajući. I da, izgledaš divno kao i uvijek! ♥


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