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5 Places to See in BiH | Travel Look

Hi there.
I am back from two weeks of vacation and while I've been good and posting regularly, I have also had time to explore the nature as well as city attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Originally, I planned a two-day trip but since the circumstances wouldn't allow us, I managed to squeeze a long trip into one day. Keep reading to see where I headed... xx Maja"
First stop was the heart of the country becuase we planned most of the roadtrip on the south and here is where we started. The capital is definitely something you need more than a couple of hours to see but as it was only our stopping point, we quickly walked through Baščaršija which is the old part of town where narrow streets are hiding with stone paved paths.

3 Must-Have Colourful Summer Bags Under $50

Hi again,
I hope you are well. I am having trouble with skin condition (again) and I've been stressing about it because nothing is helping it. I do not wish the same on anyone because it is not fun. It makes me self conscious and I do not want to leave the house while my skin is on fire. 'Oh dear Johnson… ' If we can rewind a couple of weeks ago to a rare day when my skin was spotless and my only trouble was what to wear. Stay well and drink plenty of water (!). Maja"

1. Tropical
What would be summer if not for at least one trend to obtain tropical vibes? You can find this particular trend in other pieces already but I love to see beige-dark green combination on a bag to spice up any outfit. 

Perfect Cozy Look for the Summer

I hope you are well. I can barely believe it has been already a week of vacationing. One blink of an eye and I will be back on the same everyday routine at home. However, I am definitely not complaining. I have seen quite a bit of the country where my parents were brought up in. I am preparing a special post for that and I hope it will be entertaining. No matter what was the occasion, I loved wearing cozy clothing which allowed me to move easily even in unbearable weather conditions. What goes under this category, you can see if you keep reading. xx, Maja”

1. Swish it. Wide, shapeless clothing is what I reach for most often in the summer time. Pay attention to the sizing though as you can get lost in such clothes, especially if you are petite size. The difference between XS and S can be bigger than you think. Some stores have it right but try the selected piece just the same so you won’t end up returning it to the shop. 

3 Chic Summer Outfits For Work

Hello, I've taken my pen (or laptop in this case) to tell you that I have safely arrived at family's summer house where I will be situated for two weeks. I am on vacation now and oh dear, it is going great so far. I am taking a few local trips and you can keep track of everything on my insta stories @majasmuffin, as usual. Before I left, I felt inspired to do a chic summer look that can be worn at work. It is comfortable but still office appropriate. I am enclosing three summer outfit ideas and you can tell me what is your office/work dressing style in summer? Take care, Maja"

Office/work dressing codes are catchy to follow in the summer. You are all good when you're jumping from AC in your home, to your car and then office but not everyone has that privilege. And let's think- what work doesn't require you to do errands and visit one place or another? I work close to home but it still takes fifteen minutes walk. To help you with the heat, I have created three amazing looks to copy right now. 

1. Go sleeveless. 
Peeling off layers has to be taken into account delicately. You can't pop into office in short shorts and crop top. However, you can go sleeveless and if you do, try to pay attention to what colour and material you plan on wearing so you aren't left with sweaty patches after a stressful meeting. Or have an extra one in your car or bag in case of an emergency. There are different options and I fell in love with sleeveless top from Topshop that has an eyelet hem. 

4 Ways to Style Summer Brights

Hey there,
I trust you're having a good day. I have been seeing other influencers already talking and writing on Fall outfit looks and trends while we're so deep in summer. So if you don't mind, I prepared a few ideas on how to wear brights because I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet and I hope you're not as well. Let me know how you style brights. All the best, Maja"

1. Start small
If you don't categorize yourself as someone who loves to dry daring looks, then this tip is more for you. If you have an item in your wardrobe that you've been dying to show off but thought it is too crazy, you haven't considered all options. You can start by adding neutral pieces to the look- nudes, whites, blacks- whichever you feel comfortable in. This is also a fantastic way to draw attention to this particular piece whether it is a top, shorts, maybe shoes. Who needs all-bright look if this new off-shoulder top looks fabulous on its own, right?

Styling Summer Dresses

how are you? I am back with a daily look and styling tips. It's a miracle that I wore a dress two times in a row. It has been due to the heat wave and I realized this is the best thing to wear in such times. If you have managed to get through my previous writings, you know I already covered a topic of dresses more thouroughly. But what would summer be without dresses? Tell me which ones do you like to wear and if you think I don't know about it, please share. As always, thank you for reading. All the best, Maja"

Day look
During the day I would recommend that you don't carry bulky and huge bags since it's summer and the only thing you need with you is phone, keys and money. There are exceptions if you're heading to the picnic, pool or beach. I personally haven't seen anyone (or rarely) with big bags carrying around that aren't straw bags which is the go-to bag in the summer. Straw bags go just about with everything. However, the rule slightly differs when it comes to straw hats if you're into that. The bigger, the better is what I like but everyone has own style.

Top Five Summer Dresses Under $50

hope you're staying inside during this heat wave. This Monday I opted for this summer dress
(enclosing photos) and I didn't regretted it. It is unbelieavably hot and no one can stand it. One thing was funny when these photos have been taken though. Do you see a man behind some of them? He took a long time to take off his jacket (considering it was nearly fourty degrees Celsius!) and Leja was frustrated that he always stood in the same spot and was turned towards the camera. We did move around a little to get different background but we did not want to be in the afternoon sun or the photos would not have turned as we liked. I could not have been more grateful to have worn a dress that day as I had quite a few errands to make and this one kept me away from embarrasing myself by getting wet patches in uncomfortable areas, lol! I did some digging around to find lighter options and what has been on trend this season. It would be good to have something that can easily transition from day to an evening out but avoid dressing up in tight bodycon clothing (also enclosing a list of dresses). Ruffles are very eye-catching, what do you think? I think a wrap dress is pretty too and easy to throw on, right? I wish you a pleasant day and as always, thank you for reading. Best wishes, Maja"

1. Shirt dresses
Designers and retailers have stepped up the game with shirt dresses. It is about the way you wear them too: buttoned up or down, tucked in your shorts, belted, high or low slits, so try to play around and experiment with the look that suits you the best.

Styling Stripes and Embroidery as Details

What I'm wearing: 

Shirt: H&M
Bag: Orsay
Shoes: Stradivarius
Sunglasses: Naja Fashion Boutique