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3 Chic Summer Outfits For Work

Hello, I've taken my pen (or laptop in this case) to tell you that I have safely arrived at family's summer house where I will be situated for two weeks. I am on vacation now and oh dear, it is going great so far. I am taking a few local trips and you can keep track of everything on my insta stories @majasmuffin, as usual. Before I left, I felt inspired to do a chic summer look that can be worn at work. It is comfortable but still office appropriate. I am enclosing three summer outfit ideas and you can tell me what is your office/work dressing style in summer? Take care, Maja"

Office/work dressing codes are catchy to follow in the summer. You are all good when you're jumping from AC in your home, to your car and then office but not everyone has that privilege. And let's think- what work doesn't require you to do errands and visit one place or another? I work close to home but it still takes fifteen minutes walk. To help you with the heat, I have created three amazing looks to copy right now. 

1. Go sleeveless. 
Peeling off layers has to be taken into account delicately. You can't pop into office in short shorts and crop top. However, you can go sleeveless and if you do, try to pay attention to what colour and material you plan on wearing so you aren't left with sweaty patches after a stressful meeting. Or have an extra one in your car or bag in case of an emergency. There are different options and I fell in love with sleeveless top from Topshop that has an eyelet hem. 

2. Two-piece sets. 
To help you coonquer the heat with easier choices, I suggest the two-piece sets that are best options to wear when you are left with no ideas. The charm of two-set pieces is to achieve an effortless and instant look. And when you get bored with the set, you can mix the pieces to style with something else. 

3. Ride wide. 
Since you can't remain attached to shorts in the office, you can find better and chic solutions as compensation. If you can't say no to a pair of trousers, then palazzos or culottes are for you to test out. These are probably the only pair of pants I wear in the summer that aren't shorts. And my skin can breathe since they are wide and swishy.

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  1. You look so chic and pretty!

    1. Thanks for stopping by ☉

  2. Awesome list! I find that although I love wearing sleeveless tops in the office, I always have to have a light sweater on hand in case the air conditioning gets too high!


  3. Ha, to je pa v Ljubljani. Sem te odkrila na Pinterestu.


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