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4 Ways to Style Summer Brights

Hey there,
I trust you're having a good day. I have been seeing other influencers already talking and writing on Fall outfit looks and trends while we're so deep in summer. So if you don't mind, I prepared a few ideas on how to wear brights because I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet and I hope you're not as well. Let me know how you style brights. All the best, Maja"

1. Start small
If you don't categorize yourself as someone who loves to dry daring looks, then this tip is more for you. If you have an item in your wardrobe that you've been dying to show off but thought it is too crazy, you haven't considered all options. You can start by adding neutral pieces to the look- nudes, whites, blacks- whichever you feel comfortable in. This is also a fantastic way to draw attention to this particular piece whether it is a top, shorts, maybe shoes. Who needs all-bright look if this new off-shoulder top looks fabulous on its own, right?

2. All in
This is a next step if you feel upgrading from only-one-bright-piece look. Step one would be to wear one-piece- a jumpsuit or a dress before jumping to mixing colours. Easiest way to do so would be to check colour wheel and see which colours go great together. You can stay within one colour range and wear different shades of one colour but you can step up the game and style contrasting colours (opposites). 

3. Mix it up
Fancy experimenting? Then stop here because prints are a good way to mix with brights. As long as you avoid mixing too much prints, you can't go wrong with styling. See what colour your trousers are and find a print that has the same colour in it. The two pieces will complement each other and you will enhance that pop of colour in a printed piece. 

3. Have fun
I could tell you many ideas on how to wear brights in the summer but in the end it is all about having fun. So pick your favourite piece or colour and style your look around that item. Make it the centerpiece and wear it with pride.

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  1. Gorgeous! You look lovely dear!

  2. I love this! Who's ready for summer clothes to end? Definetly not I!!! This is absolutely what I need to get more bright clothes out of my closet and actually wear them!

  3. i agree with these tips! I'm definitely not ready to say bye to summer yet! love your style


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