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Styling Summer Dresses

how are you? I am back with a daily look and styling tips. It's a miracle that I wore a dress two times in a row. It has been due to the heat wave and I realized this is the best thing to wear in such times. If you have managed to get through my previous writings, you know I already covered a topic of dresses more thouroughly. But what would summer be without dresses? Tell me which ones do you like to wear and if you think I don't know about it, please share. As always, thank you for reading. All the best, Maja"

Day look
During the day I would recommend that you don't carry bulky and huge bags since it's summer and the only thing you need with you is phone, keys and money. There are exceptions if you're heading to the picnic, pool or beach. I personally haven't seen anyone (or rarely) with big bags carrying around that aren't straw bags which is the go-to bag in the summer. Straw bags go just about with everything. However, the rule slightly differs when it comes to straw hats if you're into that. The bigger, the better is what I like but everyone has own style.

More styling options are with shoes. Flats, high heels... it's entirely your choice. But here is one styling example: depending on which gladiator sandals you own, choosing the right pair with the right dress is what you need to look for. 'Long-low' and 'high-high' is one way to go; meaning with short dresses, try going bold and wear knee-high (or higher) gladiator shoes. And vice versa. Of course nowhere says you can't do opposite but I love to show off the entire look and avoid hiding some of the pieces because what's the point in that, right? 

Evening look
Transition from day to evening look is quite simple. You only need to orientate on the temperature drop scale. If it doesn't variate much, you don't need to add much. Open shoes can be changed to closed ones- ballet flats or espadrilles, even sneakers. I just purchased a pretty pair of Zara-like pointy ballet flats with pearls and since they're more elegant, I'd wear them to some evening event. 

Here I'd definitely advise small shoulder bags. One-coloured bags are easier to style and they go with many outfit options whilst you may be limited with print ones. But who doesn't like a challenge. 😉
How do you usually style summer dresses? 
xx Maja

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  1. You look absolutely fabulous!

    1. It's the dress 😜 Thanks for stopping by 💖

  2. I love your dress, thanks for sharing, you look stunning!!!

  3. That blue and white floral print is beautiful!



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