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Top Five Summer Dresses Under $50

hope you're staying inside during this heat wave. This Monday I opted for this summer dress
(enclosing photos) and I didn't regretted it. It is unbelieavably hot and no one can stand it. One thing was funny when these photos have been taken though. Do you see a man behind some of them? He took a long time to take off his jacket (considering it was nearly fourty degrees Celsius!) and Leja was frustrated that he always stood in the same spot and was turned towards the camera. We did move around a little to get different background but we did not want to be in the afternoon sun or the photos would not have turned as we liked. I could not have been more grateful to have worn a dress that day as I had quite a few errands to make and this one kept me away from embarrasing myself by getting wet patches in uncomfortable areas, lol! I did some digging around to find lighter options and what has been on trend this season. It would be good to have something that can easily transition from day to an evening out but avoid dressing up in tight bodycon clothing (also enclosing a list of dresses). Ruffles are very eye-catching, what do you think? I think a wrap dress is pretty too and easy to throw on, right? I wish you a pleasant day and as always, thank you for reading. Best wishes, Maja"

1. Shirt dresses
Designers and retailers have stepped up the game with shirt dresses. It is about the way you wear them too: buttoned up or down, tucked in your shorts, belted, high or low slits, so try to play around and experiment with the look that suits you the best.

2. One shoulder dress
By no means does that mean bare shoulders trend does not fit in summer trends but newer version is one-shoulder show-off. To make it more classy, you can look amongst prints, ruffles and different textures to find your ideal pick. 

3. Floral dresses
I have written a bit about floral summer tops in my previous posts on Best of Summer Tops and dresses are no exception. The novelty is floral embroidery on a mesh textile but if this is not your style, you can pick up one of many floral prints out there. See examples below. 

4. Ruffled dress
Easy to wear during the day and/or night. If you're out of ideas what to wear in the office, this one is a good choice to spice up your work dress code (as long it is a quite flexible rule). While it looks simple enough to wear to work, the ruffles are the ones to easily transform a day dress to a night one. Spice it up with pretty statement shoes and jewelry to add an extra shine. 

5. The wrap dress
We all know the iconic Wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg who created it as something that is easy to put on while the wearer still looks sharp in it. Now it has become quite a popular thing to wear amongst wider audience too and it is clear why. 

See an example of my sister Leja wearing a wrap dress from Topshop. She looks legitimately good in it.

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xx Maja


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