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10 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends For 2017-2018

Fall and Winter fashion trends this season 2017-2018 give many varieties from which you can choose your favourite one to wear. From Chanel to Sonia Rykiel, designers have thought of everyone's fashion taste. I have gathered my top ten Fall/Winter trends for you to check on before heading to stock up on winter clothing. Happy reading! xx Maja"

1. Silver and shine
A way to give a modern touch to clothing; it was mostly seen on padded jackets, pleats or boots. 

2. Feathers
On the runway you could see white feathers only while high-street retailers are diving into other colours as well.

3. Galactic prints
From stars to planets, designers such as ChloĆ© and Chanel took universal inspiration to the runway. 

4. Dark matters
This season you can't go wrong with black and (faux) leather, proven by Balmain and Mugler. 

5. All denim
Denim-on-denim or all-denim looks were popular at Calvin Klein or Stella McCartney show and street style bloggers have already adapted these looks to their blogs and social media. 

6. Office look
Two piece suits are back but this time in grey only. Designers presented 'going-to-office' tailored suits only while others showed full looks of 'heading-out-of-the-office'. 

7. Polka dots
A classic print, if you ask me. Only this time, the dots were spotted on a blank canvas while they remained black. 

8. Velvet
Still sympathized, velvet stayed on the runway only it has been upgraded to more formal looks. 

9. Multicoloured (faux) fur
Fur jackets and coats are sticking this season but they have been adjusted and multicoloured. Bright colours were seen at Miu Miu and Prada. 

10. Powerful red
Bold red was popular on the runways at Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana and Jil Sander and it is said to be the colour of the season. 

Which trend do you see yourself wearing? 

Thank you for reading. 
xx Maja

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  1. Omg, all denim and silver are my fave! Great post!

  2. Great post! You have such an amazing blog :)


  3. I wonder if that bold red will remain... It would be quite a big commitment for me to invest in it if it doesn't stick long enough. Any thoughts on this? :) The velvet is gorgeous!


    1. Hi Catia, I say red is a classic. I had a pair of bright red trousers since forever and I put them away two years ago but because of the 'new' trend, I get to wear them again! :) So I'd say red is definitely a colour to invest in :) xx Maja

  4. Love the pant suit - it's such a classic!



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