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5 Ways of Revamping A Grey Sweater

Hope you're well. This week I have went to shops to check out the new collections. Was I away for too long or do shops somehow appear smaller? I got used to checking everything online and when I showed up to the store to get the chosen items, I found out half of them weren't available (they were available online though). At least I know one main reason why everything moved to virtual shops- there is not enough physical space in stores to present everything new that comes each season. If only trying out clothes would be possible from sofa. Until next post, xx Maja"

1. Accessory
If you prefer to wear a casual ootd, you can prep it up with accessory and even bold makeup. Add a pair of pumps, chic handbag or make sure you wear a noticeable bling.

2. Skinny jeans
Anything goes well with skinny jeans, I say. In case where the jumper is baggy, skinny jeans are a good way to obtain your figure and make it a nice contrast against the oversized top.

3. The same tones
A grey sweater is easy to pair with the same tones; and with this season's trend, grey suit would be a perfect match. Just add black pumps for office-like look or white sneakers for a more street-style outfit.

Note: if you want to go opposite and add a lot of brights, grey jumper can be a great 'tone-it-down' piece in the entire look. 

4. (Faux) leather
This one is another that I opt for whenever I am clueless of how to style something. Try pairing a grey sweater with leather shorts, skirt and/or leather jacket. The piece(s) can be plain black or with any detailing such as studs, embroidery or fringe to make the look more edgy.

5. Skirts
One skirt option I gave in the previous point but you can style (baggy or not) a jumper with pencil skirt too or a midi one, depending on the mood or event you have that day.

I hope I gave you some good ideas of how to reinvent a grey sweater. 
Do you know any other tips? 

Talk to you soon, 
xx Maja

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  1. You look great:)

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    1. Thank you, that's so sweet of you 🙈😀

  3. this is a pretty great look!

    xo. tthuy | RubyliXious

    1. I kept it pretty casual here apart from red accents 😃 you can always go for something more chic 😉

  4. You look so stylish! Love the bag!

  5. You look so classy. Love the bag!

  6. Amazing look! <3

  7. Wow!!! Maya WoW!!! ¢σσℓ ❤L☮V€❤✌︎❤LIK€❤♦♡❊


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